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    Nov 29 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by AxeMurderer View Post
    what is " Ark Royal "

    Old scam, I was smart not to participate in it

    I watched few stupid videos on this "sumetric" and got nothing, where is my damn 70 pecs ? All videos has comments CASHCASHCASH

    All videos is 0.16 pecs,this "sumetric" have something more profitable ?

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    Aug 30 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by AxeMurderer View Post
    what is " Ark Royal "
    You haven't heard the story of the downfall of the Patriots? It's a long story, but to make it short: Once upon a time there was a large society known as the Patriots. Nukem and Sinofmen were its leaders. One day they decided that the society should work together to become more powerful in the universe so they setup a shareholder system where members could buy shares for 100ped and the money would be pooled together to buy things that each member individually would never be able to afford; such as Shops or Motherships. Then the society as a whole, supposedly, would enjoy the profit. It started out like a good idea. They didn't "keep" any information from us and clearly pointed out the shareholder plan/system with all the rules. When the MS's came into the game Nukem and Sinofmen pooled the money together to buy a society MS named the "Ark Royal" for about 60kped. The idea being that society members would not have to pay for space transport. We'd be able to move freely and safely in space and then gain profit from selling travel tickets to other players like the MS's do now.

    Interesting side story. The Ark Royal is actually an extra MS that MA never wanted to put into the game. As Nukem was trying to get all the money put together to buy an MS the last MS's were sold and MA announced that there be no more. Then Nukem talked nicely to a friend of his that was an MA employee and the friend got MA to put in one last MS on the auction that would be bought by someone that Nuke got to help make sure we got one even if we had to pay that person back.

    Now back to the main story. Shortly after we bought the MS some colonels and high shareholders of the society began taking a closer look at the shareholder rules/system and saw flaws in it. At the same time it turned out the Nukem was a drug addicted wife basher due to a phone call that Sinofmen gave to one of the society's colonels. So, these high ranking society members just left the society without a word to anyone. Of course this created a panic with the lower ranking members and when Nukem couldn't be reached and the colonels wouldn't talk to them lots of low ranking members just left as well. This sudden loss of support forced Nukem and Sinofmen to close the society and run away from the game. Most of the members from the society ended up coming together to form the new society that I am now in. At this time all the shareholder money was concentrated in the MS we had just boughten. So, we all sent a support case to MA, not expecting them to do anything, but still hoping that maybe they would help us in some way. They reply back by saying that they'd reviewd the case, found Nukem and Sinofmen to be scammers, and decided to help us. We were all very surprised and happy. But then MA said that for security reasons (to make sure each shareholder got back their peds) they would lock Sin's account and keep the Ark Royal on her account (she was current owner of the deed/MS) until they decided to sell it on auction. Then a few months past without anything happening. Suddenly MA announces "We has CLDs for sale. All EU participants go buy our awesome CLDs" So then MA tells us in another reply that they wanted to wait until all CLDs were sold before selling the MS on auction to make sure that we would get the best possible deal to make sure we got back all the peds we put into it. Because at the time all avatars were busy reserving their peds for buying CLDs. So we say to MA. "Okay. Sounds fine. We can be patient." So then we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait for the CLDs to be sold. During this time alot of us decided to leave the game until the Ark Royal was sold because the loss of the peds in the deal kinda made them feel bad about the game. So, many depositors gone until MA sells the MS and then they would come back happy and spend peds again. During this time we also decided to go looking ourselves to see if there was anyone who would be interested in buying the MS. We ended up finding a few people that would gladly fight on the auction for an MS and didn't really care about the CLDs. These people said they'd gladly pay the 60kped we needed to get our peds back. So, time goes on, all CLDs are sold, and then we wait some more. Then we say to MA. "Okay, all CLDs are sold, we have some people that we know are interested in buying the MS for as much as we need if not more. You know what, if we get extra, you guys can have it, lets just get the MS sold so we can put this whole thing behind us and our friends who left can come back and we can all be happy." And then MA said this -------> "we have no idea what you are talking about. We have no data on this support case and never remember promising to sell the Ark Royal." After that they just kept doing this to us ------->

    And that's the short version of the story. If you'd like to visit the Ark Royal it is normally parked in Calypso space, but sometimes moves around as some of us still have pilot access because Sinofmen didn't have enough time to remove them. Lucky people that never got taken off the guestlist or pilot list. If you like what you see maybe give MA a call and tell them your offer. Beat them with a stick until they let you buy it and give them peds.


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