One of the most attractive things with the old Entropia Tracker site, and indeed the new Entropia Life site ( is that you can, free of charge, create and participate in player driven events.

The event system on Entropia Life lets you as a participant take parts in the numerous weekly events set up by various event creators - weekly payout for those events exceed well over 20 000 PED!!!

The event system builds on the global data from inside Entropia Universe and lets the event creator create events where the winner will be decided by "most globals", "largest global" or one of the other options the event creator can use to select the event rules...

Creating events on Entropia Life is completely free of charge for anyone!!

In the top menu bar of Entropia Life you will find an item called "Events". Once you click this item, you will see a list of the currently running events on Entropia Life.

Clicking the event of interest will take you to the "event page" where you can see more details about the event and sign up for the event - free of charge!

Notice the event system on Entropia Life will also provide an "event scoreboard" which you can link to/insert on any forum of your choice. This event scoreboard is updated every 4 hours.

If you scroll down on the event page you will get a list of the participants in the event as well as their current score. (This list is "live" and can therefore differentiate from the event score image)

If you would like to create an event, simply click the menu item called "Create Event".
This takes you to the event creation pages where you must follow the "step by step" guide to create your very own event.

Currently the event system only offers to create events in hunting, but mining is coming soon... as well as new rule types for the events (especially usable for mining).

As always, feedback is welcome. We have our own "Entropia Life Suggestions" group on Entropia Life. Go to "Social" then "Groups" and find the Entropia Life Suggestions group on Entropia Life ... You can also create your own groups if you so desire..

Feedback is welcome.