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    MindStar Media Celebration Event

    This event is a celebration of not only the launching of the MSM website and the new direction we are headed, but also to honor those who have been incredibly patient and supportive of our efforts. It's been quite a while since we've had one of our fabulous and crazy-ass parties, and we just wanted to show our appreciation by hosting a multi-tiered event with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

    Part 1 --- takes place on Calypso
    Part 2 and Part 3 --- takes place on Arkadia

    It's a free event, and transportation from Calypso to Arkadia to Calypso is provided.

    Check out all of the details HERE ... you may not want to miss this one.

    There are a couple of announcements, and some fun stuff at the end of the article.

    NOTE ... as this event involves 2 planets, I posted in "General Discussion" - but if this needs to be moved, then please do so - thank you.

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