Talonesti Corporation strives to support the growth of all it's members through a symbiotic structure. Any profession is welcome, and if you'd like to start a new profession that is also welcome. We at TalCo want to make best use of all our resources to provide the best possible growth for everyone.

We currently have no headquarters or base of operations, but we have our eyes open to find reasonable accomodation for the corporation so that everyone can meet up to be productive or just hang out. The key is having having a place to call home.

As far as rules go, things are pretty straightforward, all we really ask is for everyone to be a respectable individual towards others, corporation or public.

If anyone is interested, please feel free to pm in in game (Rathius Rath Saranoth) or just apply at the society terminal! I'm not very active on these forums, but I'll try and get around to it in a reasonable amount of time.