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    Dec 15 2010

    Thumbs Up Hunters-Unlimited Recruiting!

    Hunters-Unlimited Recruiting! Established 2003

    Hunters Unlimited Society is Now Accepting New Members!

    About HU: Your soc is 9+ years old, top50 skilled and consists of roughly 22 folks who enjoy lots of humor and killing things. Our major goal in HU is to generate as much enjoyment out of this experience as possible!

    Our member base average age is ~30+ years old and we hail from all around Europe and North America. Most members have been in the soc for several years and some folks 6+ years, over that time we have become a family of sorts albeit a very dysfunctional one.

    Although we are “Hunters” Unlimited we aren’t solely populated by hunters, we in fact have all professions well represented within HU, hunters, miners, crafters etc.

    Our Requirements:
    Activity: A high level of in-game activity is our primary goal this round of recruitment. We would like to accept new members that enjoy spending their free time here, I'm talkin’ logging in 5 days a week on average. Not to ever take from RL, that of course always gets priority…

    Skills Levels: 120K minimum total skills is our target.

    Gear: Armor, HP, guns, and the DESIRE to hunt the biggest mobs in game both solo and in a team setting. Not all the time of course but at least some of the time.

    Personality: Trustworthy, Knowledgeable, Friendly, Chatty, and generally looking to have lots of laughs and fun! You need to be open to people from all over the Globe as well as occasionally (ok maybe more than occasionally) tolerant of conversation topics straight out of the gutter.

    Please note that we wish any applicant to be 18+ years of age.

    How do I get to know you guys?
    We have a bit of a process by which we follow when getting to know an applicant. We will first need to meet you ingame, after this we can arrange a hunt with you so we can get to know you and you can get to know us. The rest of the process will be explained after our first couple of meetings…

    In order to establish our first in game meeting feel free to contact HU through this thread or via IG Player Register:
    Zap Greadon or Mrs-Zap.

    Where can I learn more about HU? Meet us ingame!

    Hunters Unlimited

    Thanks Everyone for reading this far!

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    Dec 15 2010
    Friday bumb!
    Since last post we have found some new cool members who joined HU Family

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    Oct 14 2011
    I would like to join

    Unfortuanly I don't have 120k in skills :/

    Maybe I'll come back

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    Nov 02 2010
    Karlstad, Sweden
    Join HU if u want to have a great time. HU is one of the best soc's around




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