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    Nov 01 2010

    Post Neverdie gives more info on Rocktropia Deeds

    Quote Originally Posted by NEVERDIE View Post
    There is a possibility we will introduce another type of deed, not a land Deed.. As i mentioned in the interview I need to line up all the ducks first before it will be possible... Since the time of the interview, the biggest Duck has come into line which is monumental for us, but still there are a couple of other important platform related issues for us to address first. In the event we do proceed Our Deed will be very much in keeping with our Hollywood theme but designed to potentially produce a return along the lines of the CLD (plus or Minus), but there will be a different acronym for ours

    I am glad there is some interest out there and if indeed we do launch this initiative I believe that it will be tremendously exciting for all. For now however things must remain a little mysterious..

    Of course our priorities remain improving our economy, fixing bugs, resolving support cases and creating engaging new player gameplay, we will not lose sight of these things as we make the moves to create exciting content and marketing campaigns to draw new users to the platform.
    So would seem these Rocktropia deeds will generate revenue same as CLDs but won't allow for land ownership but for something else along the Hollywood theme.

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    Nov 08 2010
    per state of the union, I suspect more info on this will come in march, 2014.

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    Sep 26 2013
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    So in the section "Deed and Estate Management",

    "...the upcoming planet partner release..." that David Simmonds mentioning, it refer to RT deeds. Very interesting development
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    May 13 2011
    It might just be my twisted reasoning but doesn't this mean ND needs cash to keep RT afloat.

    The reason why MA did it was to raise enough cash to pay for 'advertising' or more likely the FPC sell off fiasco but it worked because the parent company, MA, hold all the cash so provided no one withdrew their share it didn't affect them.

    Permanently losing part of your income for a short term cash injection is fine provided he can recruit enough players to compensate for it and to make RT profitable.




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