Imagine for a minute, that it's 2006 and you are playing Entropia Universe. Imagine how different things were back then. A single planet, Calypso, made up our entire known universe.

Flash forward to 2013, we have 5 planets in our growing universe. Rocktropia, Next Island, Arkadia, Cyrene and of course, our beloved Calypso. A lot has changed in the past 7 years and a lot more change is going to come. Our Universe has evolved.

The Knights of Calypso were founded back in the early days when there was only one planet to explore. We were founded by a great knight, Thad Thaddeuss Scotsman. He gave freely of his time and experience and built a society of like-minded, honest Entropians to help those just starting out in our world.

Like our universe, our society is beginning an evolution of it's own. We recently held a vote to see how the membership felt about changing our name. Long story made short, the vote passed and we have initiated the name change process and in another 4 days this should be completed.

The Knights of Entropia, TKoE for short, will be the same great society it has always been. We will be there to help new players find their way not only on Calypso, but on every planet we travel too!

Going forward we will be looking to continue our growth and evolution to keep pace with the changes being made across EU. We will be kicking off a fresh recruitment drive once the name change has been completed. Over the coming weeks, our Colonels have been asked to go over our current rules and policies and re-evaluate what parts to keep and maybe what parts need to be changed.

We have always been known for helping the new player and it will always be an integral part of what we do. In the future, I hope to see more effort being placed on attracting and retaining more developed players.

I am also hopeful that we are able to find a way to adjust our strict policies on PVP, PK and Pirating. These activities are an acceptable part of EU. As such, I'm hoping we can find a way to make it acceptable within our growing society. These changes will take some time to consider and will not happen overnight.

I would like to thank all the Colonels of our soc - The Colonels are the governing body (formerly known as the counsil) Hamish BadWolf Carstairs, Angus Mac MacAlisdair, Malgomaj Malgo Spiff, Drake Quattros Tarmo, Art Ludgren, Arageo Smurf Turrak, Shell zealousquiche Bell, Ivan IronFist Draguv.

When you see a Knight, you're looking at a friend. Good Luck out there and don't forget to say hi!

Xander Zan Catman
General, The Knights of Entropia