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Isn't there mainly one single mob where it was reduced? (ie Carabok). And there is no reason to stop hunting carabok, the textures are pretty useful.

I guess most of us who doesnt' hunt regularily on Calypso missed the Carabook skilling entirely. For us the iron mission nerf was a way harder hit I guess.

Sure, some other mobs has been changed aswell, probably though in the same range as the weapons. So maybe it's a re-balance; better eco on new weapons -> less skillgains on mobs with the net effect same cost to skill as before.
L level - threat level. Perhaps that has something to do with the loot the mob gives out - you get that right? And whatever better eco you are talking about on these mysterious new weapons is destroyed when the mob's potential loot is halved.

Shiny happy people - sounds like you are a glass half full person - well, it is now a L0 glass. More like a shot glass. Or a thimble.