Right. So I have just build a "gallery function" to the Entropia Life website.

On every profile you will have a "Photo Gallery" button

Clicking that button will take you to the avatars photo gallery.

Please note the "Administrative buttons" I have on that screenshot, is because I am viewing my own gallery. Obviously you can not create new galleries in other people's profiles.

Also note, there will be a "HoF's" gallery added by default - if you have selected to have the Entropia Tracker client auto upload hof screenshots to Entropia Life. (This gallery can not be deleted).

If you click a gallery, and then click an image in that gallery. You can see the picture in "uploaded quality" (Max is 1000 x 1000 px).

Every time you upload a new picture to one of your galleries, there will be sent a notification to your (and your friends) friend stream as shown below:

Please note we have also included a "Block this kind of post" for all system posts. That is, you can block "Friendship" notifications, Site-plugin notifications, Event notifications.. and so on - directly from the friend stream. (If you want to unblock a notification type, you can do that from the settings page at a later point).

Also note, any pictures you upload to a gallery can be deleted again if you delete the gallery (Will also make it so you can delete a single image within a gallery).
When you create a gallery, you can also choose who should be able to see the images in that gallery.

Will also add so you can comment on pictures uploaded to the gallery...

The "Auto created" Hof gallery is "Friend/Soc" only. Meaning that if you are not friends with me, or in my soc.. you cant see my hof screenshots that are auto uploaded.

Comments, suggestions?
(Donations towards more Harddiske space?)