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    Sep 22 2011

    The Freaky Friday is back in full effect on Atlas Haven Radio! :)

    Hey Freaky Friday Fans!

    Sometimes in life small breaks are needed to keep things flowing. We here at the Freaky Friday had to have such a little break, which you all prolly noticed the last few weeks. But such breaks also come to an end, and so has this one! Yes, we will be back Friday the 28 of october from 15.00 MA time going all the way thru to midnight.
    There will be a good old party at the Club-X (Omegaton West Habitat Teleporter, Alpha Building, Second Floor, Appartment G). We also have some stuff to give away, so expect a competition or 2... Even your wildest dreams of space flight might come true. And ofcourse, not to forget, the 9 hours of pumpin electronic tunes brought to you by the Freaky Friday Team.
    We hope to see you all at the Club, don't miss out on this one!!!

    Tune in and Freak out

    Ruzlix, MistahE and Daggert
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