Did the ore spawns changed between august '12 and now on calypso? And when did it change?
(just came back from a break)

I seem to find other stuff then I used to do in many places. Also MU have shifted again. For example kanerium is up to 400%+ and redulite down to 200%. I only found kanerium where I least expected it. Duru drops are up again luckely. And MU on zandarium has risen again. and when did ganganite gain so much MU?

So, in short; what and when happened to the medium and deep ores?
and secondly; is there still ruga on amathera? haven't found any since 2011.

And on a side note; I found lyst where there was no lyst before (only with of105).

thank you for any clarification on this

Regards Acro