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Thread: Meteor Shower

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    Feb 08 2011

    Meteor Shower

    News has reached me that a meteor shower has occurred.
    Since I assume this is a miners event I'll go check it out and dig for the metaphorical gold (not real gold; MU sucks monkey-balls on real gold)

    I'll report back with my findings soon. To all miners GL and HF

    Regards Acronoid

    Not seeing anything special at corinth except a big bunch of tin cans.
    Now, If I where MA; I would burry stuff where I used to do the Saba test spawns; so
    lets have a look there. Maybe I find some UL amp, or DNA or alien pet.

    Leaving corith for now; too much lasers shooting at me. I'm gonna try good old minopolis.

    how can anyone mistake huge tin cans with meteors?
    nevertheless; maybe I find something around them; you never know, knowing MA
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