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    Aug 25 2012

    Talking Looking for helpful Soc & Mentor.

    Hello there to everyone and any reading this, I know there are many posts out there quite like this one, trying to reach out to find the help they need to get off on the right foot, make friends and to know what to do within Entropia's expansive universe.

    I my self am interested in joining a Soc, no, not just any type of random Soc that wants members for the sake of having higher numbers, getting more ped, mentor farming and etc.

    What I am looking for is a Soc that is full of active players, willing to help the new guy find his way around EU, a Soc no afraid to invest in their members, may it be time, money, or some other form of help, I would hope to find just that within these forums.

    I know I could and should look around at the recruiting pages, tho most if not all are cookie cutters "Yes, we will help you, we are a fine group of players, we will make sure you have fun" I have seen this time and time again, every time I join a Soc or guild, they all ways say the same thing, even the one I am in now, tho soon to leave had the same feel.

    Sofar every time I play this game, it is the same, no one cares to help, they're scared of competition, if their member they help gets money from in game, they them selves will have less, most people fear helping others because in the end they thing it will hurt them, tho actually less players within the game means less people buying their wears.

    I noticed there are tons of items on the auction not selling, I also noticed not many players happen to stick around, I my self had been playing on and off for a long while, my skills in game are quite low, I admit that, mainly due to lack of being taught what to do, just pointed in a direction and told "Yup, good luck" sure I figured some things out and I admit people have to not be spoon fed, tho if you want people to remember you and enjoy talking with you, helping them along the way would be nice.

    My self, if I was up there, uber and stuff, I would take all the new players I found under my wing, help them with gear and etc, I had been helped a little before like this, tho I stopped seeing said player after time, I know this is hard for everyone, no one is supposed to really win, tho it would be nice to find a caring Soc who isn't afraid to lend out a helping hand and teach their new members a little thing or two of how to play.

    I know later on down the line I will help out best I can, even now I have spent some ped to help players out who I never met before, buying some of their items with the ped I gained from sweating, tho yes, please... don't be a cookie cutter Soc saying the same old "We help everyone" and then ignore us as soon as we join.

    Also, would like to join a Soc using Team Speak2 or 3, Mumble... not sure about Vent, kinda don't like it or some other program letting us change volume of players in the chat, tho if you do not use it, it is not a deal breaker.

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    Jan 02 2012
    Maybe it's smart to post some more info about yourself, like:

    Full avatar name (a forum name doesnt have to be the same as your ingame name)
    Planet you are mostly receiding
    Timezone you are in or time you are ingame (use MA time)
    Prefered language
    Main profession

    This way it might be easier for a soc to decide if they want you on board. Personally I prefer to just socialize ingame and try to figure what kind of players I like to hang out with. That could have to do with ingame activities or just shared interests on any level.

    Good luck! Regards, Roni



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