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    Feb 08 2011

    searching for soc


    Maybe you have the soc for me?

    I'm playing the game for almost 7 years. Long enough to know how EU works, certainly long enough not to have any newbie questions or to be whinning about loot.
    And that are two things I don't like; whinning about loot and newbie questions (I answered the latter too many times).

    I'm mostly a miner. I do trade and resell a bit. I don't hunt nor craft.

    What I look for in a soc is a place to have fun. People who don't take themself or the game too seriously. People who can talk about more then the weather.

    I have 100k+ skills; but that's totally irrelevant (in many different ways, but mostly since i mine).

    I'm from a little place squeezed in between germany, France and Holland and England over the canal. That little place is called Belgium; it's the filling around Bruxelles
    So I play in western european time; but I can pop in at any time of the day; for 5 minutes or 15 hours; depending.

    I'm mostly happy, unless I'm frustrated, then I'm hillarious. If I'm not happy I'll be silent or don't log in at all. (so don't poke me if I'm silent plz)

    My main goals in game are having fun; making peds and feeding the addiction.
    I also have a thing for nice clothes; you can wear eon or supremacy and I won't look up; but I'll be jealous if you were a pleat coat painted black and with pluma textures.

    Oh, I speak dutch and English fluently; and know the basics of French; I can decript a bit of German (don't ask me to speak/write it).

    I like all kinds of music (except hiphop, rap; french core; and anything with lyrics written by or for 5 year olds).

    edit: forgot to tell; I'm mostly on calypso atm; RT is nice minning but the theme is annoying the crap out of me. I'll go explore arkadia after I'll dig myself into the ore prices. I've heared next island is a real place (but I'm not sure).

    Regards Acro
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