Hello guys
* sorry for my english i am from Czech

My name is Adam and i have long time experience in loosing weight, fitness, eating healthy habits. I also do gymnastics, jogging, parkour/freerun.
I was wondering if someone (from „higher class” players, who are making living out of this game) would like cheap advices or even live skype video workout sessions.

Something about me:

6 years ago i had 105 kilos... It was hard time it was like i was in prison.. I slowly gained experience, skills, informations about healthy lifestyle... all kinds of exercises from various disciplines/sports (parkour, yoga, jogging, fitness, calisthenics, body building, gymnastics) And now 6 years after i weight 79 kilos, i have like 10 times more energy and when i look into mirror i am not dissapointed anymore....

I think that ppl like this got hard time playing game and not really time to exercise. For starter i would like to introduce you „morning workout”. I have been doing it for few months every day except weekends (sometimes on Saturday) and it is incredible way to kick start your metabolism(so you will start fat burning process more quickly and effectively) for whole day if you do it atleast 3 times a week before breakfast( i personally hate morning without it because i feel sleepy whole day without it....). It last about 20-30 minutes.. it can be hard or easy depends on how you gonna feel. One session price will change depends on time. Normal time is from 6:30 a.m to 7:00 + - a.m -that is the time i workout normally this will cost regular price. If you are from different time zone i can manage my time (if you book it atleast 2 days before actual workout). Morning workout will be streamed through skype so i will see how you doing if you are doing mystakes or so (if you dont want to be seen i dont care it is your loss...)
If you want workout/food advice and you´ve been on one of my workout session that same week advices will be free

My time zone : (UTC +01 Prague time)

Price list:

Normal morning workout session (normal real life trainer can charge 2x - 3x more)
(from 6:30 to 7:00 + - a.m.
[must make reservation atleast day before]) 50 PEDS

Extra 1 morning workout session 100 PEDS
(anytime from 19:00 to 6:00.am.
[must make reservation 2 days before])

Extra 2 morning workout session 85 PEDS
(from 7.00 a.m to 18:00 p.m
[must also make reservation 2 days before])

Any workout session (must consult what you want before) will be 100PEDS per hour

If you want some advice it will cost from 1 PED to 100 PED depending on dificulty of question (for example 1 PED question will be about single food or workout session but 100 PED question will be about whole workout plan or diet plan)

So that is it if you are interested PM me in forum My services will start from 2. 4. 2014
I am also opened to any suggestions..

Thanks for reading