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    Jan 02 2012

    Phoenix Rising Co-op Aakas event

    Phoenix Rising Co-op society newcomers Aakas key 1 event:

    Phoenix Rising Co-op soc offers a free Aakas key 1 event for newcomers in Entropia. The event will be set with the following rules:

    Goal: finishing Aakas instance level 1 and have lots of fun.

    Requirements: agility level 1-10 (you will be scannd prior accepted

    Team size:
    Minimum: NA
    Maximum: 10 participants

    Location: planet Arkadia, Aakas tp. Transport from Celeste Quarry to Aakas tp can be provided by Phoenix Co-op society from Celeste Quarry.

    Date and time: Saturday 2 march 2013. gathering 15.00 MA time Celeste Quarry, 15.30 MA time: departure from Quarry and trading wpns an ammo at Aakas tp. 16.00 MA time start instance. End: depending but the limit is 18.00 MA time.

    Loot rules: Instances are done in team. The team rules will be set to stack and share. Mobs donít drop loot. At the end of the instance one or more treasure chest will be found. As it is a team with stack share loot rule it doesnít matter who loots them.

    Gear: only Trade Terminal weapons are allowed. The use of a FAP or MF heal chip is allowed. No restrictions on armor type. !!! In case of a very low health of a participant a Phoenix officer may allow the team the use of a wpn of choice (as in bigger and more dps). The Phoenix officer will say code name WAR. This is a temporarly measure. If a stage is finished all participants will equip TT wpns again.

    Disconnected: if you disconnect during the instance the team will wait a max of 7 minutes before moving on. We cant wait much longer as the instance is time limited. A Phoenix officer is allowed to differ from this rule as he or she sees fit.

    What we expect from you: if you wish to participate you will be on time (obviously). As some pple have a limited timeschedule, me amongst, we cannot wait. You will follow the rules as set in this event.

    What you can expect from us: Phoenix Rising Co-op will provide with the Aakas key1 and will give each participant a laser or BLP gun of choice and 10 PED worth of ammo. It goes without saying you will not have to return them after the instance. (damn, I did say it!)

    Subscribing:, facebook: Radar Roni Hawklord, through ingame FL or chat me ingame.. Use player registry to ad me. It acts sometimes weird so I prefer the first 2 options.

    After the instance there is an Atlas Haven Radio party at Aakas tp unless someone has a better suggestion for a place.

    So bring it on and subscribe!

    Cheers Roni, general at Phoenix Rising Co-op society

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    Nov 08 2010
    sounds like a neat little event.




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