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    Mar 08 2012

    Dear Mindark. Are you capable of change?! A video question and suggestion.

    How to fix mining and the economy in 30 minutes.

    Mo's Mining Musings. CLICKY

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    Jul 19 2011


    I agree that the changes in mining, have left a trail of disappointed miners.
    I have recently decided to focus more on hunting than mining...
    Smaller loots & empty runs aren't fun, the more you spend the less you loot.
    I liked mining, because it is a solitary activity/treasure hunting.
    I have plenty of probes, just sitting there. I know I won't loot much.
    Even if I do, it won't have much MU value.
    I have recently been selling stuff to TT, a new activity for me.
    The whole economy is damaged by the changes in mining.
    While you have the right idea Uncle Mo, ANY incentives to make mining more Fun & Profitable are desperately needed. Anything is better than now...
    I was a miner more than half the time, now I mine 1/4 or less of my time.
    The JOY is gone.
    I think along with fixing the mined resources,(to have better & more loot)
    a mayhem type event would create renewed interest.
    Outback 11 where I own a shack, has been doing a mining competition, but I still don't see very high loots. But the hunting event (OLA39)I do quite well at. Even though I enjoyed mining the most for years, the changes require I Hunt for better loot.
    Even in space, the loots are low compared to what you spend in ammo. I too agree that having pirates (bullies) in space, are mostly only FUN for the pirates! The average player gets frustrated being killed & looted time & again. There should be more neutral zones & pirates shouldn't be able to download illegal programs to move faster in space. (kind of like shooting fish in a barrel) I have several stalkers in space, so I pay to go on a larger ship to travel between planets.
    Lastly the non-depositor is hardly able to play anymore. The price of sweat has stayed so low, they don't have a chance to enjoy other aspects of the game anymore. Monthly sweating competitions might help this a bit.
    I don't have the answers to fix the game, but I can clearly see the problems will only grow if not addressed SOON.
    Put your Minds to work MindArk, complacency will only add to the problems.




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