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    Apr 24 2013

    Wink The game

    Hi. I've been playing this game for a few weeks now (on planet Calypso) and have deposited some dollars to make my life easier. Before my question, i'm going to write about what is my impression of the game after doing some calculations and observations.

    1. Latency. It's more than frustrating to see your shooting animation frozen while the mob still charges at you and still attacks you but you can't do anything. And still you people do lots of events and stuff without first resolving these issues. And yes, the lag happens no matter what graphical settings i play at. Strange, isn't it?! And having played lots of online games all over the world, i can safely say it has nothing to do with my ISP nor my computer.

    2. Targeting system. Coupled with the auto-use tool, this is beyond stupid. On every kind of inclined plane i can shoot one bullet with the rifle, then the auto-use tool makes the character move closer to the mob, even though NOTHING changed (i.e. i missed the shot). Why it did fire the first shot is beyond me. Cancelling the auto-use and the reactivating it seems to reset the stupidity of how distances are computed and it makes the system work... at least until the mob moves.

    3. Somehow related to number 2. Mobs. Suppose i get on an inclined plane and i get in a position that i can shoot properly from. The moment the mob turns towards me, the auto-use tool makes the character move ahead because it can't target the mob anymore. I'm really sorry if your programmers designed the mobs to be actual points when computing the collisions, but failed to position those points in the very MIDDLE of the model, so that no matter what kind of rotation it suffers, the ray-trace used for computing the distance and collision data stays the same. I'm sorry mathematics and geometry are very hard. I'm really really sorry.

    4. Ground vehicle physics. This one is baffling. Try entering a valkyrie without any loot on yourself, and try driving up a 4-5% hill. Yep, a 700kg vehicle of ~270 horse power CANNOT drive up a hill with one human inside of it!! But here's the interesting part: if you drive IN REVERSE, then you can go up ANY hill!! Indeed, slower, but at least you can get there. The amount of loot you carry has no effect on this whatsoever, from what i've tested.

    5. Bad design of keyboard commands. By this i actually mean a complete lack of a BUFFER to keep some of our key presses and alleviate the latency problems. This is very frustrating and occurs all the time when trying to change from a ranged weapon to a melee one, when the mob i'm attacking got close. Even though i pressed the stupid key to change the weapon, either because of latency or very bad programming, it doesn't change. And i end up still using the ranged weapon even though i should be using the melee one. Sometimes several key presses are needed to do anything.

    6. Interesting collision detection and other graphical issues. Firstly, go to camp icarus and jump on top of the trade terminal from below (not the one up the ramp). You need the 3rd person view for this. If you rotate in a certain angle, you are going to see everything that happens outside! Interesting. Nice not-so-invisible walls. Secondly, don't EVER try to jump inside anything on the ground (plants,etc) that have room to hold your avatar. The collision detection is done so stupidly (i believe it is a circle at middle height) that if you jump over this circle, and enter inside the object, you are never able to get out (unless you teleport to the nearby revive terminal)! And take my word for it, you don't want to be doing this in certain areas, especially when not having good enough gear.

    7. General loot distribution and damage system. This is a more extensive subject but i'm not going to talk about the fact that loot gets visibly diminished whenever there is an event going on - i believe this is what dynamic means in MA's dictionary. I'm actually going to talk about some facts that i've taken note of, from after the first week i started playing.

    To give you more info, i'm using the sollomate opalo as a ranged weapon, with an azuro as finisher, and the 13.5 PED TT knife as melee. Currently i'm at level 2 in both melee and laser professions. I'm only hunting level 2-3 mobs (daikibas and exarosaurs), with the ocasional level 4 or 5 (as my chances of survival without armor against a level 5 exa dominant are around 60% as i've seen).

    7a. Whenever i crit a mob (especially with a ranged weapon), there was a chance of over 86% of it dropping below 5PEC worth of loot, when the average loot of all other mobs (killed without a crit occurring) was higher than this number. Most of the mobs that didn't drop any loot or only fragments took a critical strike from one of my weapons.

    7b. There is a very high chance that after the mob evades one of my attacks it hits me. As i've seen it can be more or less correlated with how much life % i had left when i engaged him. The less life i had the higher chance the mob had to hit me after i missed an attack. This was true for the melee weapon mainly. Interesting hidden mechanic i have to say.

    7c. In the first week of playing (or the beginning of the second), i had a streak of 7 consecutive evades (i.e. the mob evaded my hits) with the knife, and another streak of 6 evades the following day. I didn't even want to compute the chances of this occurring, but since there is no coincidence in life, i'm more than sure this wasn't either. Again, a very interesting mechanic designed by MA. I have no idea why LOW LEVEL mobs evade incredibly much but this is beyond the point; i believe it has to do with money and i'll leave it at that. A chance to evade of 20-30% is quite interesting to say the least. Wasting 3-4 attacks every 2-3 mobs because of the evades is again very "entertaining" in the long run for us starting players.

    7d. Another observation is that when the mob actually hits me after i dodge some of its attacks, it will keep on hitting me quite consistently. Again i believe there is a correlation between how much damage it does to me (i.e. what % of life i have remaining) and its chance to hit with the next attack.

    Now, considering everything, i have to say that it goes against my better judgement to keep on depositing for this game. Whenever i run out of peds i'm going to stop playing, as this is what i've learned from the courses i took in microeconomics, finance and management - to cut my losses and stop playing only when i've spent everything that is "in stock" and not worth changing back into real money, as long as i find some value in doing so (i.e. playing).

    As i see it, this game is TOTALLY against new players and that instead of having a truly RANDOM loot, it has a CONTROLLED RANDOM one. I'm not saying to give away free PEDs to starting players, but virtually everything is against you in the game, from the very beginning - and this is not intimidating but actually very fun (for me). What i do dislike is the unfairness and being indirectly treated like a fool, hoping that i have no experience in certain fields so that i can infer what is going on behind the scenes.

    And it's really sad because, from an economical point of view, it means that MA is getting enough money and they don't care about what happens as long as that income doesn't go down too much. It also shows that they have no idea that this game has a very high actual VALUE and an extremely good potential for expansion (i.e. getting a lot more players in, and instead of trying to profit by using trickery and false randomness, to actually let it be truly random, as this generates even more revenue from the larger number of people playing and actually enjoying it - you provide real value, you get back more).

    This is what you learn in the first 2-3 weeks of any course in finance or economics - when you create value, don't slit your own throat like a fool, but make sure you set the stage for expansion, for when the numbers add up. Maybe MA's designers and managers should actually take these courses and hopefully want to learn something and implement it. Even the free ones are better than nothing. Sad though... very sad.

    And now to post the question, as this forum section requires it. Actually i've decided to split it into several shorter questions.

    I) are you ever going to update your game so that physics make sense for everything? (shooting mobs, land vehicles etc.)

    II) will you ever consider cancelling events until you fix the latency issues?

    III) will you ever give up controlling the randomness and making loot be distributed fairly and more not towards events? if not, will you AT LEAST make us aware of all your hidden mechanics regarding everything i've written until now?

    IV) will you ever consider refunding the bullets (and weapon durability loss) for evaded attacks? (but not for missed ones!!)

    V) why do you not want to bring more new players in, that actually stay and deposit and enjoy the game - by simply making it a FAIR game (yes, fair means some win more, some win less, some don't win at all, but at least it's truly random)?

    As you can see, the questions are related - less latency -> more people can now come in -> relinquish the control over the randomness/fairness of the game -> even more people come in that enjoy it and want to stay -> more good publicity for EU -> even more money comes your way -> start designing some much more interesting stuff within the game.

    And since the above have not changed FOR THE BETTER in a lot of years (from what i've read and found over the internet), i'm not going to give any kind of suggestion, in the proper forum, regarding what else could be done within the game to increase the fun factor and bring more people in - since i won't be playing for long anyway (PEDs do not last long) and i see no reason to care.

    Have a nice evening and sorry for the long post or any grammatical mistakes i may have made.
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    Jan 02 2012
    It's MA's policy not to give away information on the lootpool or the game mechanics. Not even a hint. They do request that you report any bug as a support case.

    Maybe you get a more indepth, although I can't guarantee that, if you tune in on Atlas Haven Radio next tuesday where Bonnie (Entropian) will interview Kim (MA official) with a wide array of questions posed by the community. Just Google for Atlas Haven Radio and pick up the stream. Be prepared to hear a lot of answers which goes a kind of like: <Kim: I can't say that>

    Not to nag you but many of your questions has been asked before by other players, including me. And most of us never got any answers. Maybe you should read a bit more on this forum and as an Calypsian the Planet Calypso Forum (each planet has it's dedicated forum). If it sounds like you have to work for it, that is correct. Almost any shred of information on Entropia Universe is gathered by players...not provided by MindArk or the Planet Partners. So take advantage by work done by other Entropians.

    Regards, Roni

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    Jan 05 2013
    some excellent points, many of which I made 5 years ago in several posts or another to MA, sadly very few have been addressed even now, shockingly enough.

    To be honest I think there needs to be a change at the very top of the hierachy as fundamentally the game has so many poor spots that a game of this age really shouldn't have. Instead of addressing those issues before moving on, it seems either completely ignore or brush under the carpet.

    The game has improved in some aspects for some returning players to stick about for a few months, if they didn't chip their skills out. As far as new players are concerned though, yes, there really is a strikingly low chance of many people staying too long because apart from what becomes obviously about truly having to deposit to get anything truly achieved, there are also myriad hidden problems too.

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    Nov 01 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Roni View Post
    It's MA's policy not to give away information on the lootpool or the game mechanics. Not even a hint.
    You must have missed the infamous "Dev notes" - plenty of hints on how the system doesn't work...

    And in reply to the opening post:

    The game is coded by a bunch of drunken monkeys who all had a lobotomy.
    (whoever disagrees: feel free to disprove me, will be a fun read! )

    I should inform you about some of the main game "features":

    EU is a horrible resource hog, and needs way more resources than any other game (for no reason).

    EU is buggy - no, really buggy, as in "hardly playable kind of buggy". Your avatar is doing strange things? Huge mobs get stuck on a ridiculously small twig? Shots hitting invisible obstructions, so you can't hit shit while the mobs can happily decay your armour? Stuff not working without relog? Yeah, that's the "look and feel" of EU, get used to it.

    @5: The underpaid developers from a third world country cannot afford to play EU - or any other MMORPG, hence they have no clue how to properly design a UI. And another thing you really should know: They don't test what they deploy in every version update - tests take a lot of time and hey, what for, there are enough players to test their bananaware and report bugs for free! (not that they get fixed, mind you!)

    @7: The loot is only good as long as you keep depositing, at least it's been like that since MA (the company running EU) has more expenses than income... (yeah, despite underpaid coders and zero testing - strange, huh?)

    There is a correlation between "costs to kill" and the loot you get back - crits lower the costs, and so they lower the loot. Logical, isn't it?
    Although i doubt that "crit=low loot" is valid - loot is generally low most of the time.

    Bad (pseudo-)random number generator - from what we know the coders use the internal tick counter (time in msec) and no RNG at all...
    But, you should make sure that you brain is not fooling you and showing patterns where no patterns are... simple "gut feeling" or "undocumented observation" is no good indicator.

    And in general, aside from some "noob luck" most people had at some point (bigger loots or loots with a good markup within the first weeks) the system is designed to make you lose - or how do you think MA makes money from the game?
    As long as your skills are low, you can expect 90% back (mid-term), so if you don't loot stuff you can sell with a markup, you're screwed (read: welcome to the deposit center, how may i help you?)

    And to not let your "roman numerals" uncommented:

    Nobody from MA will read your questions here.
    If, once in a blue moon, an official stumbles across your post here, he will 99.99% ignore it.

    If they fix one bug, they usually introduce 3 new ones (at least one of them will be a resurfacing bug that has been "fixed" years ago) - so, are you really sure that you want bugfixes? At all?

    MA never refunds (unless you have 1000 people having waterproof evidences, making all hell break loose on the forums - and even then it happened only like 2 times ever from what i remember)

    MA doesn't want you to know ANYTHING about loot. If you find out something that works out, they will change it asap.

    More players? Are you serious? They should make an effort not to lose all the veterans who deposit more than your months salary each week.
    And as long as the game is unplayable due to bugs, and loot distribution suck that much (and seriously, you aint seen nothing yet), how long do you think will "new players" stay?

    And yes, i am dead serious about what i wrote - my avatar is meanwhile over 6 years old, so i am one of the few players with plenty of experience that still post here.

    Have a nice day, and oh, your grammar was absolutely acceptable (let's just say i've seen way worse posts around here... )
    Not a single fuck shall be given today




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