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    Few questions to MA

    How can i keep playing? if im loosing from 10 Months until now, 30K Ped.
    My last run was -500 ped lost, from a 1.11K run, R150+ Dante,so it makes -40% in loot, not counting the decay on armour or fap, i tryied several mobs in that run trying to find the best loot, in the mobs i can hunt, i was in ark, because loot in caly its about the same, or any planet i am, the losts are allways -10 to -30%, and almost everytime, i really dont remeber, when my loot was stable;
    I am not sure if i did, any agreement to pay MA jobs, of expenses, so, do i need to work in the day, to play at night? and work during the day, to have fun in EU?
    For me fun, is hunting not any of other professions, i also have skills;
    Why do we have the need, of more planets? like NI a died planet with no economy, there´s not enought people for the size of the world, the game growed to fast for same players, even less i can count dezens of old players, and good ones, who depoed a lot of Money, who gave up.
    What will Ma do, if the people is giving up? cut -10% to -30% in sweat?
    I actually prefer to pay a subscription if the loot is like -10%, so i pick a mob with 110% in general loot, but like this, its impossible to keep playing.
    I can be the next one to give up, but what i invested here, probably, will take me like 3 years to sell it, unless if i loose big ped ammount selling cheaper, and a lot of items lowered, so i allready loosed couple K´s.
    I will not recomend EU to any friend, or anyone;
    People keep asking me, how to make profit here?, my answer goes to, where did you see, you can make profit here? where is the advertisements?

    Sorry buddy you will not find ped in floor, until you dont invest big to buy one, or more LA´s or deads, even that the return is not allways the same and probably takes some years to pay the investment back;
    Like what to do in this game? what´s the best profession to do?
    I cant answer that anymore sorry;

    MA says this is a dinamic game, that means, they can F... our loots, to pay theyre mistakes, or if they need more income
    The world economy is low atm, they cant cut expenses like all of us ofc they F... theyre clientes, they cant drive any car, or have any house, no it must be ferrari´s and Mansions, this looks like politics.

    Here, Miguel carniceiro boss, GL everyone

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    Like a lot of promisses

    Like a lot of promisses, and a lot of changes in EU

    I must say, even without the websyte creator permission, to copy he´s link over this Thread, congratz its a very good job McCormick.
    we still waiting for a lot of stuff




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