Omerta Society was founded in May 2009 by Gionni Gunsy Novembri. We are a Society consisting primarily of Hunters but we all Mine and Craft as well. With regular members the Society has remained strong in activity especially on the weekends throughout the years. We are always recruiting and in search of new members of all skills and professions. Whether you are highly skilled or just a newcomer Omerta should be your home. Based out of Calypso we conduct Society Hunts on Saturdays and Sundays @ 1700 EU time. If we have many newcomers on or just don't wanna spend the PEDs we have a newcomer hunt. The Newcomer Hunt consist of weapons with a max damage of no more then 20. All skills and ranks are welcome to attend our Society Hunts. Mobs are big but with our team the lower skilled will progress with skills, loots, and most importantly they will stay alive. If you wanna have fun and have a happy drama free life in EU, come check out Omerta Society. Society Members have access to our Forums, please log-in. Happy HOFs.
Check us out on Entropia Life " Omerta Society Kicks A$$ "

Newbie Hunts

WHO: All Society Members (Must have weapon that does less then 20 Damage)

WHAT: Society Newbie Hunt

WHEN: Saturdays @ 1700 MA Time

WHERE: Varies. Common TPs are TI Castle, Ft Ithaca, Camp Phoenix, Ft Fury, Neas Place, Jurra Plateu, Limnadian District

WHY: This hunt is designed to be fair for our newbie members.

All participants must use a weapon that does less then 20 damage and 50 attack per minute. Loot is Damage Stack Share and will be monitored. Any item 10 PEDs or more will be split evenly by team leader to the whole team. Any member caught doing more damage with high power weapon will be kicked from team and reprimanded.

Society Hunts

WHO: All Society Members of all Ranks

WHAT: Society Hunt

WHEN: Sundays @ 1700 MA Time

WHERE: Be prepared, check forums special destinations. Some common TPs are: Atami's Paradise, Ft Cayuze, Oshiri Hearts, Saba Camp, Sakura City

WHY: To show members new mobs and possibility of Uber HOFs

Join us on Society Hunts, All Ranks and Levels welcomed. Its all about fun and the chance of some Uber Loots. Try to log into game early to get TP if you do not have already and of course if you need to sell some sweats or something prior to arm up. Check the TP info for some common TPs for hunting. Loot is Damage Stack Share / Any Ranged Weapon goes.

Special Events

We also have many special events that we love to hold for Soc members such as "Where's Gio". We are all about hanging with newbies and taking them out to learn and advance in Entropia.