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Thread: Stuck on Zeus

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    May 15 2013

    Stuck on Zeus

    I got a little carried away while flying around and didn't pay attention to fuel consumption... Now i'm stuck on Space Station Zeus... I have 5 Ped till payday... If anyone plans on passing by there and could sell me a half a PED of Fuel i'll give you all 5 PED on me...

    Send me a message with a general time you will be in the area and i'll make sure i'm on...

    in-game name: Jaryn Rein Zaan
    (I will be logged in around 5 hours from the time of this post)

    Thank You for your time

    *Just a thought... Shouldn't Stations carry fuel... that would seem to be the one actual use for them

    UPDATE: Yay i'm off Zeus... Much Appreciation to my rescuer Amelia Ambrosine Many Thanks to you
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