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    Jun 13 2013

    Those A.R.C. Finders..?

    So, I'm trying to start mining, but I'm coming into a problem that it is expensive. Rookie finders on Calypso almost never find anything due to the extremely shallow depth, but the other TT finder uses so many probes per shot that I can hardly afford to use it if I don't find something on almost every other drop. (which I don't. I find something like every 3-4 drops)

    Recently, I was told of an A.R.C. Finder from Cyrene that has a depth of 200 meters, while still using the same amount of probes as the rookie finder. So, I was wondering a few things about that.

    First, does that mean it would have the same finding efficiency (and deposit size) as the normal TT finder that searches to the same depth? and would it be worth the trip to Cyrene and back to get a bunch of them? (the page says they have 40 uses each) I'm still new so I'd have to book passage on someone else's ship to get there.

    anyways, thanks in advance for any answers, I'd like to know for sure before wasting PEDs. xD
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    Hatchling Bluntz's Avatar
    Jan 15 2012
    i would check shops,auction and with other players before you head to cyrene
    for those finders. if you do end up making the trip, make sure you stock up on finders. Most quad-taxi's set you back around 10 PED for a one way flight and if you have your own ship you still pay 2 ped to enter Cyrene and a additonal 2 PED to re-enter your plant, plus Fuel. Just make sure you have enough funds to make the trip

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    Jun 13 2013
    Yeah, the first thing I did was check the auctions, there weren't any there. The TT value of them is .1 PED, so I'm guessing they are impossible to really sell there due to the auction fee.

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    Jun 23 2013
    Hello Galdon,

    Depth does not affect deposit size. Cost per drop is what affects deposit size primarily. If there was a rookie finder of 900m depth, it would find deposits of the same size as of a rookie finder of 100m depth, but these deposits could, very rarely (very very rarely, like 0,05%) find rare resources, which are worth a lot of markup.

    You will not (atleast not often, unless you are lottery-lucky) find anything big using rookie finders of any planet or any depth. If you can only afford to use them, i suggest using the one in calypso. It would not be worth the trip.

    Second important thing is that you will not get more or less overall value by using rookie finder rather than the standard one or any other for that fact. Mostly, 90% of the Trade Terminal value (over a sufficiently large amount of drops) of what you spend is what you get back, regardless of how much or how deep, etc, so if you can afford the standard one then i'd recommend using it instead.

    I do about 100 drops of the standard finder per day, sometimes 1k+ on weekends and from statistics, find rate is about 27% on the long run.




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