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    Sep 04 2013

    Drunk hovercraft driver

    I cannot seem to drive the hovercraft (Arkadia new quests). I have damaged it twice running into trees, and run into more trees countless times at a low enough speed that it wasn't damaged. Before I got to the bridge I fell off the cliff, so I walked across those (I am slightly better at walking). Then I thought maybe it was safe to get back in, and promptly fell off the cliff behind the building just after the bridges. After I found my way back onto the path, I got out of the hovercraft and walked to the Archaeological Society building. It was much faster.
    What am I doing wrong (please don't just say over-correcting)? Could you please give tips on how to use the hovercraft without being not only all over the road, but all over the landscape?
    With regard to the kind of tips, I just should say there is no such thing as overanalyzing anything.

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    Aug 09 2011
    Driving the hoverpod takes some practice. There are several ways to control a vehicle. You can use arrow keys or w, a, s, d just as you would with running. As with running, R toggles auto-move. Another way that works great with helicopters and also works will hoverpods, is to use both mouse buttons at once and simply point in the way you want to go. I recommend practicing in an area without trees or boulders till you're comfortable with how the vehicle responds to controls.

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    Provider Billy Jean Ruby's Avatar
    Sep 26 2013
    Athens (GR)
    that remind me someone i know ME!
    I had the same problem when i started my adventure in EU.
    Soon I realise that my driving problem was not only because I was a lousy driver ^^ but also because of lateness due graphic card low fps!
    So if you try to reduce graphics (from very high - high) to medium and see if you have any improvement. Also works much better if you play EU in Window mode instead of fullscreen.

    or as I do a lot..... walk LOL

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    Sep 25 2013
    As Billy Jean Ruby said, your frames-per-second could be the culprit. If you're trying to play the game at a low FPS, it makes it incredibly hard to control vehicles and your avatar in general due to latency. Turning down/off graphics options will improve your FPS.

    There are several good tools out there that allow you to view what your FPS is in games (if the game doesn't have something already built-in like Entropia). FRAPS comes to mind off the top of my head. FRAPS is typically used for making video and taking screen-shots, but it has a great FPS tool and can be used just for that even if you don't use the other features.

    It's generally best to shoot for 30+ FPS. Anything below around 20 or so is starting to get kinda choppy.




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