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    Sep 09 2013

    Got some questions.

    So before i start my account ect for this game, i have a few questions i was hoping someone could help me with.

    Now i have been reading the Terms of use and the Privacy policy and noticed i have to link my bank account or debit card information? Is this still going on or am i able to use Paypal for this? I am not to sure about the whole linking my personal bank account info to a game that will share this stuff to third party's (if you dont believe me read the stuff if you havent. There are instances where they say they can share it with them.)

    How do the rest of the people that put money into the game and take it out do it? Do you make a new bank account? Which is what i would do in this case if paypal is not an option.

    Also thinking of starting on Calypso since it was the first planet and i like a good amount of people around. What is your stance on this type of thinking?

    Thank you to anyone that doesnt mind reading and answering my questions, if i decide to pick this up i'm sure i will have more if i cant find it in the forums :P.

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    May 15 2011
    London, UK

    Cool Linking Bank Accounts

    You do not need to specify that field (bank account details : it was optional last I checked).

    It is there for you to fill in if you wish to WITHDRAW money.

    For purposes of DEPOSITING money, you can simply add a Credit Card, or I believe yes in the very near future (if not already) you can make deposits via PayPal.

    I am not sure if the plan is for you to be able to make withdrawals to PayPal or not... Since PayPal has your bank account details already, maybe the answer will be yes.

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    Sep 09 2013
    It would be nice if i could use paypal to withdraw but i wont be doing that for a long long time if i stay with the game :P. Andy yes paypal is there i made this post a little fast while reading the TOU. thanks for the answer though

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    Old Acronoid's Avatar
    Feb 08 2011
    Like Cly already stated, you only need that to redraw money; it has nothing to do with depositing

    I prefer back tranfer (SEPA in europe) since it doesn't cost any fees.

    for small amounts paysafe cards are easier and faster. bank tranfer needs to get checked an takes 3-4 days.
    You can try credit card; but I'm not keen on that.
    I don't know if you can redraw with paypal; you seem to be able to deposit with it.

    If you redraw, it takes almost 2 months (40 business days).




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