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    Sep 21 2013

    Getting started in trading... What should I trade first?

    I'm thinking of depositing 10 dollars when I get some money and after long consideration I would like to make trade my primary moneymaker as Hunting, Mining, and Crafting seems to be a gamble at best. And I'm wondering with 100 PEDs will I have enough seed money to start trading? And what should I start off with what are some good items for a noob to trade in and make a profit on? I see all these items in the auction house but my brain is overheating trying to figure out what will sell well. I'm willing to wait for trades and slowly gather money.... Anything if it means I can make trade work and not have to sweat.

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    Sep 17 2011
    As far as a "stand at Twin Peaks balcony trader". You want to trade items with high daily sales volume (right hand column of the market value, this means these items have high demand). Examples: Muscle oil, Iron Ingot, etc.

    A golden rule you want to go by is to not get into trading too many items, keep with what your ped allows you. If you only have 100 ped, you want to just buy 1 item, as you will eventually gather enough to make a decent size stack to toss on auction. You don't want to make the mistake of trading too many items and say have small stacks of 5 different items that you cannot auction due to the auction fee killing you on such low quantities.

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    Aug 09 2011
    knowledge is everything in trading, so trade something you're interested in.




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