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    Sep 09 2013

    My fst day s in EU, a very positive experience.

    I must say that my first days in EU have been a very positive experience, and the game continues to be so. I was befriended almost as I came out of Port Atlantis New Arrivals Calypso....I was completely lost. This guy takes me in his jet, (Quad), to a few different tp`s and shows me the sweat circle. I joined his society, and I am having a great time. Within the first two days I was given an opalo, a Vivo T1, ammo and several other useful items, from random players who I had never met before, and most of who I haven't meet since. The in-game chat and advice from fellow plays has been great. I have already payed this experience forward in taking in another noob I found lost coming out of gateway,(just like I was). He now has the Vivo and some other useful equipment,(sorry I couldn't part with the opalo), and his ride around to the tp`s for sweat rings and seems to be having a great time. Anyways just some thoughts early into the game.......Thx

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    Oct 12 2011
    It's great to see someone being lucky to meet people like this.
    I can advice you to try out Arkadia on Saturdays and hunt Carabok (There is an event listed each saturday). All the prizes are from private people like you and I to help new players, and it gives a little competition for an hour to get the best kill

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    Provider Billy Jean Ruby's Avatar
    Sep 26 2013
    Athens (GR)
    Great to hear such things from new players
    The best way to make your first steps and enjoy EU it is to join a good, friendly, helping soc.
    If you plan to visit Ark, talk to "Adopt a Newbie Foundation" ppl (my first soc) always there are members on Quarry (main market/gathering).
    There are many ppl in there who can help you.




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