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    Sep 25 2013

    Bug: VU cursor anomaly (w/ video demonstration)

    I have noticed an odd anomaly regarding the cursor in-game. If I have a tool/weapon equipped and hover the cursor over a creature the cursor will shift itself slightly to the right. When I move the cursor off it "snaps" back to its normal position. I've noticed the cursor will not do this if I have nothing equipped.

    I'm including a link below to a short video I created to demonstrate the cursor behaviour. The beginning of the video I show the cursor showing normal behaviour with nothing equipped and then show the shift to the right with something equipped. You have to pay close attention and I recommend playing the video in HD.

    FYI this is not spam or an advertisement. I figured video would be the best way to show the bug. I'll be taking the video down in the future after it has served its purpose.

    EDIT: I have removed the video as of 9 Nov. 2013.
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