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    Oct 06 2013

    Unhappy Where did my car go? D:

    So a I just started playing the game a few days ago and I was doing the tutorial. Its late at night and I decide to log off and go to sleep. I stupidly forgot to pick my car back up and when I logged back on, it was gone!
    "Okay." I thought "Maybe its in my inventory." 15 minutes of searching through every pocket furiously I try to think of something else.
    "Okay." I say with a little more panic. "Maybe if I go get killed, it will spawn next to me." So I die and sure as the sun shines... it isn't there...

    Am I just stupid or did the space police impound my car? I cant find it anywhere on Planet Tutorial.

    Please help.

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    May 13 2011
    Its in storage at the Calypso Gateway. Go to Camp Amundsen or the spaceport to find a storage terminal to retrieve it.

    Vehicles recall to local storage if you are out of radar range for about 10 minutes. Calypso and Calypso Gateway storage is not the same so be sure to get your car before leaving the Gateway.

    edit: BTW the above applies to starting on Planet Calypso, if you started on another planet, check that planet storage for your car.
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    Provider Billy Jean Ruby's Avatar
    Sep 26 2013
    Athens (GR)
    You have also a command "recall all vehicles" that you should always have on your HUD. It is useful in case your vehicle get .....abuse from any mad mob

    in any case as already mentioned, your vehicle returns into planetary storage.
    But, in space it is different.
    There your vehicle it comes to your inventory and not into SS storage.




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