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    Aug 09 2011

    Plans to improve Support?

    Dear Mindark,

    Lately it seems that the developers' steps to improve player enjoyment of the game have been balanced by an equally backward step in effectiveness of the Support department. It could even be the problem that is generating the most negative PR at the moment. Sometimes support cases are answered promptly and knowledgeably. Other times (more frequently it seems) the person on the other end of the line either does not respond for weeks/months or when they do, their answer bears no relevance to the issue or shows incorrect knowledge of the game. Most players only send in a support case when they need help with an issue that is very important to them, and Support needs to treat these issues with respect; even loyal, long-time players can leave the game in anger when Support fails on an important issue.

    I understand that EU is a complex environment with diverse players. Even so, it is apparent that Support personnel do not have the training or resources they need to address players' problems quickly and efficiently.

    What are Mindark's plans to improve Support? What do you see as the major obstacles to having an effective Support Department? Do you need input or suggestions from players who have interacted with Support in the past? What does the training program for support look like?
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