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    Nov 08 2010
    didn't see anyone mention it yet, but use melee instead of guns... it'll get you closer to the mobs, which means they hit you more, giving more evade. You'll take more decay bill on the armor, but that's the price you pay. Use faps instead of armor if you want to skill up on healing skills too, but be fast with your quick keys since you don't get skill gains if you are dead and sitting at a revive, lol.

    As far as RT goes, new harlem probably isn't the place to skill evade if that's your sole purpose as the mobs here are not super aggressive.

    The reason I personally like new harlem is that the mobs are lower hp than elsewhere as trolls and rocktropians have less than 10 hp like punies on other planets have. That means you can kill more of them than you can punies for the same weapon decay costs... there is a slight 'kill bonus' on gaining skills but that is not going to get you evade skills, just weapon related skills. I'm not sure the kill bonus makes New Harlem better than elsewhere for skilling weapons or not, but it seems to work for me so that's why I'm there. That and due to the fact that my whip needs 65 pecs for minimum repair, which equals about 3-4 full refills on the oil at the thing's rig when no other avatars are there... so I can get about 2 blocks or so of kills on rocktropians for free by using the oil from the rig there without having to deposit to get those skills. Boring as hell somedays, but it works for me from time to time as a way to get a few skills and loots daily without having to deposit daily. Plus, new harlem and the thing's rig is far more visually stunning and gives me less eye strain and boredom than Neas or any other sweating hole on Calypso. Also, TTing the oil is far easier and faster than trying to find someone willing to pay for sweat.... Add in the fact that I recently bought a nice little creative juice remix bp that uses only rocktropian records as ingredients and I have a nice little setup here on RT... even if the base cost of the ingredients on the juice is higher with this bp than the other juice bp - it works for me since I don't have to fiddle with finding the other ingredients. Just got to get enough kills in on rocktropians to grab some records until I can click on the manufacturing terminal.
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    cool setup mastermesh
    When I'm telling those kind of things to my ppl they laughing at me,
    but I can't change my opinion that RT it is the best planet for a newbie!
    Tell all these to the guy who started there and wanted to change planet

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    Sep 23 2014
    If I recall correctly, on Calypso within the Half Moon Bay area, you can find a large spawn of low level mobs outside a cave that no one hunts since they drop nothing (forget the name) which is tied to a starter mission. I've seen people go into this area just to die, attempt to out-heal the damage, but on some rare occasions you may see players run into this area then fire off explosives when the mobs close around them to train their weapons skills, evade, and paramedic concurrently.

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