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    Jul 26 2011

    UL account bound mission rewards


    I am quite concerned about the recent introduction and trend of introducing UL, account bound items via missions.

    A item that holds the UL status is a item that will never leave the economical circulation and if to many of a particular level is introduced the economy can become stagnant due to there being no real need for player to player trade, rather the only "trade" that takes place is with the repair terminal.

    This, although having a negative effect on the economy, have been ok, since the supply of said items do(or at least have the potential to have) a control mechanism to regulate how many items drop via crafting, hunting or mining(for example: player to item ratio).
    If such a mechanism were to exist then problems would only arise if the player base became smaller.

    What concerns me about the UL account bound items is that first of they cant be traded of course, removing any supply/demand function from the equation. Instead they depend upon generic tasks(kill mobs) or generic loot. This means that there is no viable control mechanism in play, simply put it seems to be designed so that everyone will eventually have these items.

    Mindark, could you please write a few words on this matter(or why not a Dev note ). I'm not looking for specifics on each item just a general clarification of how these items are, in your view, balanced in terms of the economy. I'm just concerned that the way it is setup at the moment will do a lot of damage long term to the in game economy.

    Best regards

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    Nov 08 2010
    Me thinks MA has a habbit of 'balancing' things out after a while by making this "ooooh UL item - nice" suddenly become "piece o dung" when new L equivalent comes out a few Vus later.

    Most UL items have a 'con' to them vs L versions at similar levels... might be damage/pec, may be damage/sec, may be other little 'tweaks' here and there in item stats in various ways...

    Also, just because UL drop today does not mean it'll drop tomorrow... Ask those looking to craft Archon swords, etc.
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