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    May 30 2011
    And I forgot about the Ukash VTOL, which is odd, because I have one!

    This is nearly identical to a Sleip, but with a lower TT. I got mine as a freebie from Ukash for using their deposit system a couple of years ago at Christmas.

    To find that in the auction you would need to search on VTOL.

    In an odd coincidence, a couple of hours before I found it in storage I was skilling on punys just north of Port Atlantis. A player dressed in a Santa outfit came up to me saying 'Ho ho ho' and handed me a Sleip and a small amount of oil!

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    Aug 09 2011
    VTOL is not an EU acronym, it's a RL term. Also, the word Sleipnir is very difficult for many people who are not Swedish. In fact, all the Mindark-made vehicle names are difficult to remember/pronounce except for Valkyrie which has made it into other languages. Perhaps it was not the smartest choice to use old Norse names for vehicles. Hence the reasons people call them VTOLs.


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