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    Nov 10 2013

    Paramedic available for hire.

    Paramedic available for hire.

    Avatar Name: Sylia Hirgon Nimlas

    Pay: Decay only

    Total jobs completed: 4

    Total Globals during service: 7

    Current Paramedic Level: 3.5
    Anatomy Skill Level: 1162
    Diagnosis Skill Level: 135
    First Aid Skill Level: 401

    Tools Available:

    Herb Box x 2 - 11.3-15.0, 30/30 uses. (maxed) Both almost Tier 1.

    S.I. Heart x 2 - 4.7-10.9 healing, 19/19 uses.

    Transport (No Cost)
    Air/Land vehicles available.

    Armor (Decay cost - You should tag mobs from me...)


    As stated, healing service for decay costs only, will also use any tools that you provide if you prefer to do it that way. Avatars will be healed depending on your preference (some like full hp at all times, others like crit coverage only, for those with higher evade). Mainly located on Calypso, but if your willing to provide Oil for a 2 way trip, and give me an hours notice, then I'll fly to a different planet if needed for your hunt.

    I realize I am still far too much of a new healer to be of much use to anybody, but we all had to start somewhere, will purchase higher tools etc once they are maxed ;D

    Thank you for your time and your possible future business!

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