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    Feb 04 2014

    How I'm able to proceed?

    Im enjoying this game so much, even I played only 3 days, but I'm facing a dilema. Tryied to post on noobz corner, but seems have to be aproved first, so here's the thing. I have only 0.03 PED, all my weapons (given by the game) and the type of radar that is used to find resources are damaged and cannot be repaired. Just to make sure, I'm not asking for freebies, just wanna know how can I make my ingame money since I have nothing to start with, most of money I had by looting stuff I wasted on powercells that were for both weapons I had and since I cannot mine anymore... So any directions?

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    Nov 20 2013

    Cool Get a mentor

    Deposit like $10 or $20 which will give you 100/200 ped. Collect drops and sell them on the market. Do some missions.

    Most important: GET A MENTOR. Mentors are great at teaching you how to make ped without having to invest any cash. They teach you the ins and outs of the game and how to maximize your talents and skills.

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    Provider Billy Jean Ruby's Avatar
    Sep 26 2013
    Athens (GR)
    to those good things Sum mentioned,I can add one more suggestion.
    There is a tool you have in your inventory and named VSE Mk1. With this you can retract sweat from mobs. That sweat you can trade for PED on Twin Peaks (Calypso), on Celeste Quarry (Arkadia) or CND Lagoon (Rocktropia). Can't recall the trade hub on Cyrene right now
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