A simple truth of what we are, mortals, crossing endless hiccups and sneezes of unknowns, praying to uncertain odds, betting on dystopic utopias. I didn't believe that when I signed up for the charter flight to atlantis from earth (I think I don't remember, it's been hazy lately.). My last memory was that of my mother wishing me a safe travel, What did she look like again? Eyes... pale green.. greying hair... large tentacles hanging from her jaw? No... I sigh as I write this.

That doesn't sound right; I can't remember what my mother looked like. Odd isn't it. Did I even exist before coming here.. Did Anything exist before the crash.

The Doctors say I will be alright though, The Ice cream is nice though. a little over frozen, I haven't figured out what that 'cherry' filling is though.. and it's nasty tasting. The rest is all right though Almond flavor.

The Priest came by today. He asked me If I wanted anything before something and any final wishes.

I told him no it's ok, I'm not catholic, he just frowned and said neither was he. He left something by my bed in the T4 Wards, I looked at it. Just said "Forgot to do Your taxes, this place is a nightmare. 00:00.00"

One of the doctors came by this evening, was taking blood pressure for some reason, was on odd man, peculiar eyes, Glazed over, frog like, slippery was his hands to.

Oh hey my former sargent's here. He is saying something to someone, He doesn't look happy. Oh he's walking away.. Din't even Notice me.

Hey It's Kinda dark in the Wards lately, the doctors haven't been around for a while, No ones been to turn on the lights for a bit.

The darkness hasn't let up, odd When did the windows get boarded up like that?

The Boards won't come off, They aren't usual boards, It's like the windows of the building have been welded shut.

Huh, The doors are missing, The Electric Key lock is off the wall. I .. Don't feel so well.. I need to sit down.

The stairwalls are empty. all the other wards are empty too. Hey theres the Exit. Odd the sun's not out? is it night? I Just hope the doctors are ok.

Oh good there's somebody now.. Wait why are they shooting at me? Stop I'm a friend!

The truth about us, is that we are mortals, crossing endless Hiccups and sneezes, Betting on hopeless odds, and praying to moraless gods .. living in a Dystopic Entropic Universe.