Dr. Rob Too Bee Frank and Dr. Al Hackem Steins Plastic Surgery Office, was off great interest once upon a Calypso Midsummer's eve. Base in port Atlantis They were the go to Doctors for any weird idea you might have for your body.

For the right price they could rebuild you so your head was of an oversized frog or hollow your bones out and make you flight worthy with wings of differing qualities.

Or Perhaps you wished for a few extra appendages for grasping what was around you.

Dr. Frank & Steins were of course almost as sane as everyone else, if not for a few screws loose here and there. Al for instance was known to spontaneous episodes of Pavarotti singing. But was otherwise normal.

And Frank was well, Frank to be frank. But otherwise they seemed to be perfectly normal individuals job status considering.

Well at some point some odd rumors had started to arise, that Dr Frank and Dr. Stein had been using old body parts for random innocent experiments.

Dr. Frank was always quite frank about the rumors to which he would always say "Ah Yes we always keep useable after parts for differing tasks, waste not want not... anything Unuseable We have used for advancing our trade!" and thats all they would say on the matter.

The rumors started to fade until at some point a couple of people with heads of the other person were interviewed on the galaxies number of Television broadcast complained that Dr. Frank and Dr. Stein had illegally forced them to exchange brains and without compensation!

Dr. Stein when questioned about this refused to say anything instead just blinked and started to sing a Pavarotti number. Nobody asked much more other then that.

Pretty soon these kidnapping accusations became increasing in numbers for Dr Frank and Dr. Stein's office. And with out notice there office in the Port Atlantis area disappeared with a brightly lit purple hawkings energy powered black hole.

Investigators tried to find out what in the name of Calypso happened over there but found the place void of any life other than dirt sand and trees.

Nobody knows what Happened to the Doctors. But it is assumed they are probably on some cabana on some remote island on some unknown world drinking fruit punches.