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    Jan 13 2014

    Nanako Mining Log Rookie TerraMaster 100 PED run

    Hello, I have just tried out a 100 PED run with the Rookie TerraMaster.
    Took quite a while to burn all the probes. Around 5 hours and about 333 drops in Ores, Enmatter and Treasure. I have only hit 2 amples. In treasures though.
    This run was done non amped with no enhancers and suprisingly went decent.
    I had to return to repair for around 2 times

    2000 Probes
    333 drops
    Hit Ratio: 27.5%

    TT Value: 101.98 PED

    And also some good info on lbml:

    Considering the amount of time spent, it doesn't pay off. Although I played it even, I sort of managed to get small skill ups and have a chance for global/hof (even though it didn't happen).

    I don't have a large ped reserve or I would have done normal finder results. But it was interesting to use the rookie finder and may try it again when I have time again.
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    Nov 02 2010
    Nice work I often use rookie finder when I low on peds. Did not know you could find Amples, thought only III was max on planet.




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