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Thread: crafting cost

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    Provider Billy Jean Ruby's Avatar
    Sep 26 2013
    Athens (GR)

    crafting cost

    After long time, I choose to craft and not buy some items that I need.
    Among other things I took a chance to make Armor Def. Enhancers for first time.
    I didn’t had pellets so I bought ‘em through auctions (17.00 PED) and also I bought the empty enhancers slots (1.00 ped each). So only the enhancers slot was 21.00 (plus 1 looted).
    I made a small run of 22 attempts and I got a 30% success.
    Stats sum came about total 15.00 PED!!!
    And here it comes my question.
    Why the final product it comes with a 0.80 TT value???? Since only one ingredient cost 1.00 PED?
    What kind of math are those?
    Because I’m idiot I need a “smart” explanation on this.

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    May 30 2011
    The quick answer is that 22 is too short a run to be statistically meaningful. :-(

    When I make enhancers I always get quite a lot of residue. I haven't done the maths, but I have always felt that this makes up for the disparity between the cost of the ingredients, and the value of the enhancer.

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    Provider Billy Jean Ruby's Avatar
    Sep 26 2013
    Athens (GR)
    ok now I returned from work and I did the math for that run
    here it is

    Empty Enhancer Component - 1.00
    Fire root pellet - 0.60
    Nova fragment - 0.10
    Surface Hardener component - 0.20
    Socket I Component - 0.10
    that mean
    total per click - 2.00
    22 attempts - 44.00

    Success rate was 27.3% precisely
    I got 6 Armor Defence Enhancers total value 2.40
    Energy matter residue - 0.93
    Metal residue - 10.87
    Fire root pellet - 1*0.60
    Nova Fragments 3*0.10
    Surface Hardener 3*0.10
    also 1 Empty Enhancer Component (that I used it again in the run - but I'm calculating)
    crafting machine sum 16.70
    44.00 - 16.70 = 27.30

    am I so dummy? or is something wrong here?
    there are 27.3 PED lost in the proccess

    I'm making an issue with this item because there is no "condition" factor here.
    After the crafting you get an item or not.
    Where the heck is coming that TT value for every Armor Defence Enhancer?
    If only the empty socket that contain it in the final product cost 1.00 PED.

    update: to make myself clear. Your result depends on your skilling of course and understand. That mean if you are in higher level you can get more. But in same value 0.40 each.So I'm wondering isn't more logical the derived product gets the value of cost in such items at least? Here it is 2.00 PED per ADE not 0.40
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    Aug 09 2011
    22 clicks is too short a run to draw any meaningful conclusions from. If you notice, the success rate was 27%, which is significantly lower than you will get long term (assuming you're maxed on the BP).

    Also, when crafting, you will occasionally get large loots that bring your TT return back into an acceptable range.

    On 22 clicks, you can really get anywhere between 0% and 10000% TT return, you can't base anything on that amount of clicks.




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