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    Aug 09 2011
    The game gives you fairly stable, predictable, long-term returns dependent on your method of play. Anyone who says the game doesn't work that way or that some avatars are favored is only looking at short term results, or perhaps not keeping records at all. Certain play styles may be rewarded but that's not the same as being favored. By "long term" I mean talking 50k-100k drops/clicks/mobs and more.
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    Jul 05 2011
    Entropia is in many respects just like Real Life. You have people of all sorts here. And like IRL, you have the survivor bias here. Just like you always read about companies being succesful and paperboys-becoming-millionaires, but hardly ever about those companies which never got off the ground, or those paperboys whose carreer ended at McD... you see the globals and the successes, but those who do not succeed are invisible.

    And regarding your "not deposit daily" thing, that too is like RL. Problems don't go away by throwing cash at them. You do not become a great pianist in 24 hours by paying. You have to take it steady. Same here. Begin at entry level, and work your way up as your skills grow.

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    Jan 25 2012
    Hee hee hee...

    Imagine some crafter is clicking some high end attachment blueprint. Each click costs 100 ped, one click per 2 seconds.
    Now, what you're seeing is 5 HoF's one after another, 2000 peds each - and you think wow!!! Those ubers are taking all my money!!! And i can't get even a stupid global!!! Gaaah!!!

    While in reality the guy made 150 clicks. Do the math: 150 x 100 = 15,000 peds, and he got 5 x 2,000 = 10,000 peds back. 5,000 peds lost in 5 minutes. Still envious?

    Older players won't count the HoF's but the silence between HoF's. Because they know, every 2 sec of silence means at least 50, or up to 100 peds lost.

    All that glitters isn't gold...

    Quote Originally Posted by tribalart View Post
    So when they say "if you know what to do" "if you have knowledge"... dont belive it.
    Well, u better believe it. Knowledge is power and EU is no different.

    However, the difference it makes will not make you rich. It only allows you to lose less than the other guy, that's it.
    Well yea, now and then somebody figures out a way to make big money but this will be "taken care of" by MA sooner or later (no matter if it was an exploit or totally legal).

    Time spent playing the game and thinking, trying to figure it out (not just sweating afk for 5 years straight), pays back. I think this is fair. If knowledge was worthless what's the point? Why keep playing the game at all?

    OK, now turn it around. You are a beginner who just joined the game? So don't rush into the auction house to buy skill chips and become uber overnight. The time when you can't lose much (and can't win much either) is there for a reason.
    Learn the ropes, look around, try things out. It is a very complex game... By the time you start figuring out how things work u will be able to gain more (and take the risk to lose much more as well).

    (Btw, i have no CLD's, no LA's or shops. It's not my business interest, i'm here for fun n that's it)

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    Aug 15 2014

    It is a virtual casino

    I literally after deposit every single time i want to play i have been playing actively for around 2 years now and already i am -$900 and the game doesn't even give me 10% back of what i have deposited even if i get 2 hofs i am very close to just rage quitting i am sick and tired of just been treated like a cash cow i don't mind taking a loss but when your -9000 ped and it still continues to rob you blind no matter what you do it is unplayable.

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    Jan 23 2011
    Guys not get you all. Why all playing ignorant child. Everybody who come in entropia come because it is a chance to earn money if get lucky and get one big HOF. Nobody come here if there is missing a option to WITHDRAW money.
    If any body say other way it is BULSH*T. only couple smart player here who invest buy land or play only as a trader. Not even the Most bigger hoffer not win in this game. IT IS A CASSINO everybody know that. it is always when somebody bet or get a lottery did it to win the grand prise not even thinking about there is a 99% chance to lose. If the hunting,mining and crafting maked to sustain players or even earn ped than nobody pay in. MA work for years to make every aspect of a game the way so you looooooooooooooooose ped and pay in again and again.Sorry to be so direct but this is a reality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tornado View Post
    IT IS A CASSINO everybody know that. it is always when somebody bet or get a lottery did it to win the grand prise not even thinking about there is a 99% chance to lose...

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    Old Alpha
    Nov 08 2010
    it may be similar to a casino, but with a real world casino 2 blocks from where I live that I've spent much money at over the years (and now work at so that I won't allow myself to do that spending anymore as employees can't play the games on the floor) I will say money deposited in to entropia can last you a hell of a lot longer than money spent on any casino game, and the entropia experience will likely be more entertaining and long-lasting and memorable. That having been said, both real world casinos and virtual ones can be fun... Just remember the house always wins, and you should bet with your head, not over it. Don't deposit more than you expect to lose. If you do you will likely be sorry. Limit your deposits to no more than one half or one quarter of what you would tithe to a Church monthly if you are religious and you should be ok.

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    Nov 01 2010
    I thought at one point early on it was gambling, but after a long time playing i can say it isn't. When hunting a mob, mining or crafting look at results over 1000 looting instances and returns are around the same return %.
    I think that there are also "bonus" loots maybe by mob, resource, crafted item - or even server not sure; maybe every 1 millionth mob,claim or whatever. A few friends all started and tracked returns, 2 had loots we couldn't explain by the % return and is why i believe are bonus "jackpot" loots out there.

    Hope this explained some , also mark up with loot makes it totally not like a casino (mark up is your friend).


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    Sep 10 2011

    a very addicting game.

    Well now, entropia as a virtual casino, is it or is it not you ask?
    Or perhabs it is a game of trade, a very expensive game of trade.
    Simply the game you play is full of excitement, not to mention opportunity.

    Now experienced players like myself will tell you that entropia universe is a skill based casino. and in a way it is, however MA only takes about 10% of all bets.
    That means a total turnover for you of atleast 90% in return.

    For an MMORPG game this certainly takes the cake being the most expensive game in the world, it costs a great deal of money to climb the evolution ladder of skills, weaponry, mining gear, etc... Not to mention the shots fired/probes used for either hunting or mining.

    You will not be able however to quite find anything like MindArk's Project Entropia Universe, out there, this sci fi has it all, and if you choose to, then none of it will cost you a single dime to experience, atleast not the countryside or for that matter swimming lessons, everything inside the universe is breathtaking, and for free.

    What does all of this then mean to the ordinary player?

    Well it first and foremost means that yes it is both a kind of online casino, yet the most addicting game in the world due to money being involved, it is the most expensive MMORPG out there, and well that leaves you with two options if you want to play this game. Take the l out of play, and remove the r in the word free.

    If you wish to play free, entropia is most likely not gonna give you many chances, however that being said, lets not forget to compliment MA on having created the most challenging game in the world.

    In short, one might say project entropia universe, is for the real hardcore gamers out there looking for the real thing.

    Regards: The Nocturnal Navigator.

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    Nov 07 2015
    This game sounds like a nightmare to play and not fun at all. glad i read this post before playing.


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