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    Dec 27 2010

    Space Skilling with Entropia Fleet Alliance

    Space Skilling with Entropia Fleet Alliance

    Entropia Fleet Alliance offers space skilling 7 days a week. We currently have two ships available for regular skilling runs. Kronan owned by Granny Rowan Render offers skilling out of Arkadia Space Station. Varyag owned by Kaywinnit Kaylee Frye offers skilling run out of Rocktropia Space Station.

    The Rules Onboard Ship:

    • NO pirates allowed.
    • NO begging.
    • Follow directions given by the pilot and/or owner.
    • Supply of tools and ammo: There is a TT onboard ship for the purchase of ammo and tools will be available onboard from authorized sales representatives, or bring your own.
    • Although we do try to do regular summons for skillers this is not always available. If you do not want to have to wait, feel free to fly up in your own quad or vtol.
    • Be respectful to your fellow crew members.
    • Pilot and gunner skilling spots are limited. These rights are given at the discretion of the individual ship owners.
    • We do not provide transport back to planet. Have your space vehicle with thruster ready any time you wish to leave ship or wait patiently until the next time the ship docks to use the station tp.
    • Note: There is a 2 ped fee to fly down to planet or a 7 ped fee to teleport down from the space station. This fee is charged by MA NOT by EFA.

    These are general EFA rules, individual owners may have slight variations and additions to these rules for their individual ships. For more information about EFA and the services they provide visit their website:
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