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    Oct 21 2013

    Is crafting really that bad?

    I was thinking about getting into crafting. I've done a little of it before just with materials I've looted from mining/hunting. But I was thinking about getting more serious about it.

    Every time I look for some sort of guide, basically each guide boils down to "btw, don't do crafting, it's expensive and you'll fail at it".

    So, I get that I will lose money. That's Entropia. I'm losing money with mining. But I'm getting generally around 80% returns. I'm ok with that. Can I expect something similar with crafting, or is it much more drastic?

    Are there mid-low level things to craft that aren't a huge risk but still provide the occasional payoff? I don't want to grind away making billions of basic filters, but I can't afford to go for the big game. What is the "Molisk" of crafting?

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    May 30 2011
    Before you start crafting seriously go and do some spaceship repair skilling.

    This will give your crafting professions a useful boost so the crafting goes smoother.




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