Well I don`t know about you, but since the last VU and the introduction of the way point bug in LA`s, Ive been limiting my hunts in LA`s. Since I started playing Ive used the waypoint after I die to mark my pos and mob Ive just about killed. Getting back was fast....tp chip jump back quick. Could even adjust a bit in the waypoint circle, so I would not jump right back on top of the mob. Well they didn't fix it in this new VU, so I`m really annoyed, and will now limit my hunting in LA`s even more. Maybe not hunt LA`s at all until MA fixes it. I know you can use pos after you die and before reviving to mark your position, but i find using this cumbersome and way slower and for me.

My question is how many hunters feel as I do, and have been limiting their hunts in LA`s ?...since the introduction of this bug last VU.