I am looking for teammate or teammates to long way hunt. Mostly i do solo proterons, spiders etc, but noticed, in team costs are much less and you do not have to shoot 500 peds of ammo, just half of it and your teammate too and its enough to check mob pays or not(proteron example). Also you kill faster and more so the chance of global, hof, ath is much more greater in team. Bored of solo hunting, there is more fun killing monsters with somebody else

It is very hard to find somebody who want to play mostly in team, dunno why, but hard. So thats why i decided to write post here, hopefully find someone. Doesnt matter nation or sex. I work in diffrent hours (week changes) so it wont be hard to fit to anyone. Can play night, can play day.

I do my best with emik L5 + dante and LC-60 + A105. I would prefer similar power of guns so we can share loot 50% per head and kill strong mobs easily. Got 46 evade, 41 paramedic, 34 dodge. Also i am able to share my knowledge about hunting( 4 years of playing ). Mostly solo i am on zero, just skills incerases. I am not losing hard, i am not profiting hard(solo).

My avatar: Przemek Tasoth08 Jerzy

If intrested call me here or just mail me: tasoth08@interia.eu

If you got more ppl its fine, 3 or 4 in team and bigger mobs can be done.