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    Jan 13 2014

    Lootable pvp space question

    I know that stackable materials and mined resources drop in pvp lootable area, but what about Skill Booster pills, they are in the materials tab.
    They don't seem to be tradeable but I rather double check before they do drop.


    After searching and asking around, it seems they drop just like loot pills, so if you buy the starter pack and get 30 x Neurobiotic Booster A5 1mg. Do not take them into space unless you are prepared to lose them.
    I know I'm gonna be hated and hunted by pirates when I say this but that's fine.
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    Guardian SpikeBlack's Avatar
    May 13 2011
    You'll probably find it's a mistake, the welding wire was lootable at first.

    So you get shot down, arrive at a space station and then find you've got no welding wire to fix your ship. It got fixed eventually.




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