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    Dec 10 2012

    Starter Pack Gold

    Hi guys,

    I've looked at the gold starter package and I grew pale that the Weapon Z12 Barbarella incl. amp ZX Sinkadus is as good as the Opalo SGA incl. A101

    What happens to the people who have spent so much for the Opalo SGA and the A101 amp, now drop the prices? What do you think? Or am I completely wrong?

    What do you think is worth the money the starter gold package? Or does it make more sense to deposit $ 40 normal? So the armor looks great, but is useless right? Ok, 30 pieces Neurobiotic Booster A5 1 mg are helpful...

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    Nov 01 2010
    The Barbarella is untradable so should still be able to sell SGA oppy atm. Over time though i guess depends how many buy the starter pack, it is a good weapon though for sure.




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