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    Mar 15 2013

    Is it still incredibly difficult to play for free?

    I have been playing this game on and off for a long time, but I have no been keeping up with updates.

    Is it still really hard to play for free?

    Are free players still limited to stuff like finding fruit, dung, etc... and sweating?

    Excluding stuff like acting as a trader for someone else, or providing other services like say healing or manipulating the market.

    Those I am aware of of course.

    What can you do to at least be able to keep playing for free?

    Oh, and yes, I HAVE put a crap ton of money into this game, but then stopped because of the incredible amount of money I was putting in.

    I think I have put in over $1,000 dollars at least over time lol.

    But I am not looking for peoples responses of just deposit 10 dollars a month or whatever, etc...

    I am aware of those options.

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    Provider raxxor's Avatar
    Dec 17 2011
    Sweden, Göteborg
    Think I've put in a little more than 3 times

    I've not deposited in .. 1,5 year? more or less since I decided I would not. Only thing stopping you from not having to deposit is your knowledge..

    Quote Originally Posted by chridasi View Post
    Is it still really hard to play for free?

    I think I have put in over $1,000 dollars at least over time lol.

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    Provider Billy Jean Ruby's Avatar
    Sep 26 2013
    Athens (GR)
    Agree about knowledge. It helps to play without depo.
    But the issue here is, how much you are going get involved in the game and the progress you are going to have that way.
    But yes it is possible.

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    Old Alpha
    Nov 08 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by chridasi View Post
    But I am not looking for peoples responses of just deposit 10 dollars a month or whatever, etc...
    My current plan, not sure if I'll stick with it or not, but am thinking about doing it at least a year... deposit 10 bucks a month. Use half of that to buy an arkadia underground deed every month. Use the rest to 'play' around, either hunting, crafting (or heading towards crafting on small scale with plans towards future by buying new bps for various books, etc.), or mining. I've only been doing it a few months, but it seems to be working so far. I like aud since the payout is daily. Better roi is in cld since they pay about 3x what aud do, but payout is only once a week. If you play daily, waiting a week for the 3 peds on each cld or whatever it is is a long time. I do own some cld though... just use that roi as a way to allow bump up the aud roi activity a little... making it a bit easier to do whatever it is I was doing...

    On ten - twenty bucks a month you could easily do puny missions for a while, planning on doing each puny mission on each planet ultimately, which would up your skills quite a bit on hunting overall as you grind through it. I'm thinking about doing that myself, but not sure if I'll actually go through with it or not since I like trolls, rocktropians, and tamable puny mobs since my unlimited viper whip allows me to tame em, etc. ... none of those little mobs are on puny missions at the moment. Maybe they will be eventually, but they aren't yet... puny nusul on ark aren't even counted on the nusul challenge for some reason yet.... annoying since puny on caly do count towards mission for that mob type I believe.

    The reason I like rocktropians on rt is the creative juice remix bp. If I remember correctly it's the only bp in game that uses one and only one ingredient, which is looted a lot from the rocktropians... and those mobs (unless it's changed since last time I was there) are very, very low hp mobs, so you can kill like 3 or 4 of them for same hp damage you do on one puny on other planets, which makes them the ultimate skilling mobs on low end as you get a 'kill bonus' for each kill, so your dollar stretches. RT also was nice when I was there last since the oil rig on the thing was free oil, without the cost of a toxic shot... but I hear rumors that the thing is broken again, so not sure if it's still accessible or not. What I used to do to play for free was go to rt oil rig, log in and pick up oil a few times a day, to tt that oil, use that to repair my tiny damage viper whip (does 2-5 points damage with 5 being a critical I think), and then use that whip to go kill a block or two of trolls or rocktropians, or do the daily mission at the billy bar... If the oil rig on the thing is still up, there's it spawns very little tt value in oil, but it's enough to repair some lower end weapons a few percent... now that the 50 percent rule for ul sib weapons is down to three percent, it makes that little tt value invaluable for those wanting to play for free. Last time I was on rt the beer garden was also easy to grab kegs from, but there were a few pk folks that logged in about once every three days or so when I was on that would kill those in the area, so you have the toxic shot cost there... don't have that cost on the thing, or at least didn't back when I played. I think most other planets have some little oil rig like that now, but not sure on the details on where each of them are or if they do or don't require a toxic shot, etc.
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    Provider Billy Jean Ruby's Avatar
    Sep 26 2013
    Athens (GR)
    Just a brief update for RT

    New Harlem Gas & Co Docks is off
    Arctic is off completely - no Thing mission chain, no working rig.

    Beer Garden
    Kegs are droping again but collecting'em isn't easy anymore.

    Creative Juice BP use four (4) ingredients
    2-Alternative ingot
    1-Lysterium ingot
    10-ROCKtropia records
    10-Vibrant sweat

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    Old Acronoid's Avatar
    Feb 08 2011
    I must Shamelessly say I've redrew some of that money you've put in.

    On a serious note now. If you are mining, I can advice you a lot better than in hunting.
    I could explain lots about loot theory and such, but I'll leave that over to others with more time.

    Many players say go eco hunting; slow but eco. But this does not work anymore for some reason. In fact this hasn't worked for almost 4 years now, IIRC.
    A good advice to give, is not going slow and don't spend time ingame doing nothing. There is something to say to cycle ped fast and efficient (eco, low armor/fap decay).

    In essence this boils down to: cycle peds as fast as possible, in the most eco fashion way available, while keeping decay down and aiming for the biggest amount of MU.

    A second piece of advice is to hunt during the weekend and holidays. And other peak times. Your return will be better. I have tracked this.

    Also, there is something to say for "lucky" mobs and areas. While it has to do with some kind of waves and other patterns (coded, or unintended byproduct of the way it is programmed).
    It is really true, but it used to be a lot more easy to profit from this, than it is today.

    And in all, while hunting; keep track of HoF threads, to know what drops ESI.
    Actually, if someone is selling ESI on auction; go to tracker and find out what they have been hunting. The same goes for weapons and tools you want. Just look who sells them and look up on what they globalled/hoffed.

    Also, a soc is there to help you. If your soc can't give info and doesn't take your info/insights; get a new one. Don't do noob socs. Find a soc with friendly and professional people.

    Don't sweat, don't pick up dung; the first is a waste of time, the second a dead weight in your inventory.

    Also, everyone is a trader in this game. Find the crafters and sell them directly. Give them a break, split the auction fee and if you're doing good, give them some stuff cheap. They might do the same if you need something.

    And most important, always enjoy what you are doing. Whether you put on some nice music, go and put some bullets into mobs after a hard day of work, or just kick it back dropping bombs on god forsaken deserted lands (the latter I loved to do). Have fun, and smile.
    This advice also counts for real life.

    Have fun and good luck!

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    Aug 30 2011
    Yes. It is still very hard to play as a free player in EU. In-fact, nearly impossible to do so. The only way that a free player can really gain the ability to do anything in the game is to invest a gigantic amount of time into it. Pay to players need to do this as well, but they don't need to invest the extra gigantic amount of time to first get the PED to work on anything. EU is simply a huge time-sink and even more so for free players; unless you're lucky enough to befriend a rich individual in the game who enjoys sharing his/her PED with you. However, there is one new way for free players to get PED in EU. So long as there aren't any meanies massacring noobs, any societies locking it down, or any wars of some kind going on inside it including the occasional mob-controlled player attack, free players can find oil PEDs at the newbie oil rig on Calypso at an average rate of about 1 PED per hour when standing in a line with the average size of about 10 or so individuals. This meaning that the average person will get their turn to pick up a drop twice in an hour. 1 PED, or 10 cents, still being quite a ways below minimum wage but at least you can do it relatively mindlessly while watching TV or doing something else and not need to worry about dealing with messed up sweating groups due to afkers. Although, the people in the oil rig line will shoot and kill you if you stay afk too long thus creating a hole in the line by not moving forward.

    Also, you've never needed a toxic shot for the beer garden if I remember correct; nor for any oil rigs. And, while the beer garden is there and there are many oil rigs on various planets, the only oil rig that is worth your time as a free player is the Calypso one.
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