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    Dec 28 2014

    What about EU is fun for you?

    I tried this in the noob forum, but if mostly noobs go there, I thought I might have better luck here.

    I haven't deposited money yet, mostly because I don't intend on paying for a game that i cannot enjoy, but I feel like I'm fundamentally misunderstanding what it is about this game that is meant to be enjoyed. The "taste" of the gameplay offered by free play is, erm, horrible, to be honest.

    I've heard Entropia compared to gambling. Is that is? I've never seen the appeal in gambling, so maybe I'll never see the appeal of Entropia?
    Is the attraction of the game simply the attraction of spending money for little actual return, but the ever-present possibility of a big payoff?

    If not, what do you enjoy about the game? Why do you play?

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    Jan 02 2011
    I am new to this my opinion my not hold much relivence.
    That being said the draw of the game to me is in the challenge of trying to make a profit....
    Like in the real world nothing is free and you need to do lots of reserch inorder to not waste any $$....
    Just my 2 pec.....

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    Feb 13 2013
    Don't know how exactly to say it. It's just a fun challenge... seeing if I can manage what I do (whatever activity it is) correctly...

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    Aug 30 2011
    A large part of the appeal of the game is social. Entropia has, or at least had, some of the best social experiences of any online game. The physical social aspect has been declining with implementations of universe wide chat systems instead of needing to actually congregate in specific areas to do commerce and discussions, but, it's still a fairly social game. Another large part of the appeal is the hugeness of the online universe to explore which has only gotten bigger over time. There is no other online game out there that I know of, that can be played for "free", in which you can travel through space and explore many diverse planets almost as if you are a space explorer. There are many exotic locations that you can visit and discover in EU that would otherwise take thousands of dollars in real life to take a vacation and travel to similar looking locations. Perhaps the biggest appeal though, in comparison to other online games, is the feeling that you can have access to and do anything within the game world. Yes, things do take a bit of money, but unlike most online games you aren't hindered by a class system or by the confines of mountains. In EU, you can choose to go anywhere you want at any time, especially if you have a flying vehicle, and you can choose to do anything you want at any time. If you want to be a hunter one minute and a painter the next, you can choose to explore new professions. In an online game, I don't want to just be an archer or just be a sword master. Sometimes I want to fire long ranged weapons, and sometimes I want to do melee, and I don't want to bother with more than one character having to build up another character just to use a different weapon. This all would be the main appeal of the game. As well, there is of course the challenge part and the feeling that the game is more like real life than most other games in that you actually have to work for things and work smartly in order to move forward. It really is and has been feeling more and more like a "real" virtual universe and that's the appeal of it.

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    Apr 13 2011
    Space, FOMA, Beta West 13C
    EU for me is mainly about living a dream.
    I like to escape the boundries of reality in order to become what i feel i really am. A space pirate.
    Besides the fact that after 8 years of playing space got finally introduced and i became what i always wanted to be.. EU has also for me turned into a socializing place.

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    Sep 01 2016
    New York

    EU for me

    Has been ok so far, although i recently joined.

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