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    Sep 10 2014

    Beast Shop on Foma! (Foma #45)

    Hi All,

    Come visit the Beast Shop on the Asteroid, Foma for our Grand Opening!!!

    Directions: Beast Shop Foma Shop #45

    1. Use the teleporter to warp to Main Complex Block C.

    2. Walk Northeast.

    3. We are the fist shop on the left. Beast Shop

    Still unsure? Check out some screenshots:

    Under Construction (Waiting on Website approval to post links)

    The shop is managed by an experienced Calypso/Arkadia, hunter/miner to ensure you get the variety you need! All items are crafted by an Arkadia raised crafter which brings a unique variety of Arkadia specific items to Foma. On the main level, we offer:

    Mining: Mining Enhancers (mining finder range enhancers!), finders, ziplex
    Weapons: Herman (ASI/CAP), Breer Series, Weapon Economy Enhancers (I-III)
    Misc: Cheapest Portable TT Units around (130%), RKs, welding wire, Space Thrusters

    In the Basement, we offer:

    Foma's best variety of Arkadia specific furniture (Aldimon Bed, Kitchen Bar/Drawer combo). Right next to Cosmix which offers unique furniture as well.

    We hope to see you at the Beast Shop (Foma #45)!

    The Beast Smith
    Mike BeastClown Fed
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