EntropiaForum Rules


1.1 - Age Requirement
You must be 13 years of age or older to gain membership to and/or participate in EntropiaForum.

1.2 - Single Account
You may only have ONE account on EntropiaForum. Multiple accounts will be deleted, and the original account temporarily banned. If this rule is abused more than once, the original (first) account may be permanently banned, and the member's IP address may be permanently blocked.

1.3 - Sharing of Account
You may NOT share your EntropiaForum account with any other forum members, Entropia Universe participants or other individuals. This rule applies especially to the sharing of accounts with temporarily or permanently banned EntropiaForum members. In ALL cases, you are responsible for any content or activity that originates from your member account.

1.4 - Banned Members
Permanently or temporarily banned members may NOT create new accounts in order to circumvent or dispute their ban. Such accounts will also be banned, and all threads or posts will be removed from the forum. Banned members found creating duplicate accounts will find their ban extended significantly (or permanently), and may risk having their IP address blocked. If you wish to contact the forum staff to discuss a ban, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of any forum page.

1.5 - Impersonation
You may NOT impersonate other Entropia Universe participants, Forum Staff, MindArk/Planet Partner representatives, real-world persons, celebrities or public figures.

1.6 - Member Names
Member names may NOT contain any offensive, racist, sexually explicit, profane, abusive or otherwise objectionable terms. Also, you may NOT use a confusing or intentionally misleading member name, such as "Official Entropia Reporter" or a member name that is confusingly similar to that of an existing member, administrator or moderator.


2.1 - English Only
EntropiaForum is an English-only forum. All content posted in publicly viewable areas of the forum must be written in English.

2.2 - Insults/Flaming
Personal attacks, insults, rudeness, racism, threats, name calling or unnecessarily inflammatory posts will NOT be tolerated. Posts of this nature will be edited or deleted by the Forum Staff without notice. It is important to keep in mind that EntropiaForum is a global community and what might be acceptable behavior or language in one country may not be acceptable in others. Common courtesy, politeness and respect for fellow members and forum staff, along with constructive posting of opinions is essential in preventing posts from being edited and/or deleted, or having threads locked.

2.3 - Personal Disputes
Personal issues between individuals or societies should NOT be debated in the public forum areas. Such threads will be removed, since they often promote an escalation of rudeness, insults, and flaming. If you feel that another member has attacked you unfairly, send a private message to a forum moderator or administrator. If you feel that an Entropia Universe participant has wronged, defrauded or harrassed you, file a support case on the official EntropiaUniverse.com website.

2.4 - Threats/Intimidation
Real life threats of bodily harm, injury or assault (either explicit or implied) or any form of intimidation are STRICTLY PROHIBITED on any part of the EntropiaForum website and will ALWAYS result in a ban from the forum.

2.5 - Personal Information
Revealing or requesting real world information about a member, administrator or moderator is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, regardless of the source, public or private. This includes any information about a forum member or Entropia Universe participant that reveals an individual's legal name, address, occupation or other sensitive or personally identifiable information. All such content WILL BE DELETED, and may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the forum.

2.6 - Private Communication
Posting the content from a private communication in a publicly viewable area of EntropiaForum is NOT permitted. Private communications include any medium where the involved parties have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as: emails, chat logs, instant messenger logs, private messages, private society forum posts, private social group posts, reputation comments, etc. Such private communications are to remain private, not shared with third parties. Any such private communication content posted on EntropiaForum WILL BE DELETED.

2.7 - Profanity
Profanity in thread titles or user titles is NOT permitted. Profanity in posts should be kept to a minimum, and not be used in a comment directed at other members, Forum Staff members or MindArk representatives. While generalizations using profanity and/or foul language may be common in everyday conversation, when used in a direct communication to another person, they can be interpreted as rude or insulting. Excessively profane content may be edited or deleted without notice, and may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the forum, depending on severity.

2.8 - Shouting
You may NOT shout (all capital letters, and/or excessive punctuation) in posts or thread titles. Use caps and punctuation only for minimal emphasis.

2.9 - Excessive Complaining
Excessive complaining and/or whining disrupts the Mission of EntropiaForum and interferes with the ability of other members and visitors to enjoy their visit to EntropiaForum, and is therefore NOT permitted. Any content submitted to EntropiaForum that is considered by the Forum Staff to be in violation of this rule may be edited or deleted without notice.

2.10 - Affiliate Links/Solicitation
Advertising competing websites, real-life items or services, the posting of affiliate or referral links, or any other form of solicitation is NOT permitted on EntropiaForum (this includes member profiles, any other publicly viewable area, and private messages). If you would like to advertise on EntropiaForum, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of any forum page to inquire. Similarly, promotion of or posting links to charities or other services soliciting donations or money is NOT permitted.

2.11 - Entropia Universe Terms of Use/EULA Violation
Any thread, post, signature or publicly viewable content that clearly violates the Entropia Universe Terms of Use or End User License Agreement (EULA) WILL BE DELETED, and may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the forum. This rule includes such things as the sale of avatars, the sale of PED or items for cash, attempts to circumvent the official deposit/withdrawal channels, attempts to exploit a weakness in the client software and/or Entropia Universe servers, or defamation of Mindark, its representatives and/or Entropia Universe.

2.12 - Illegal Content
Any discussion of, or links to web sites promoting software piracy, warez, illegal downloads, cracks, cd keys, illegal file-sharing, pornography, illegal drugs, or any other illegal or similar content WILL BE DELETED without notice. Such discussions and links are totally inappropriate on EntropiaForum (and often illegal in the US, Europe and most other countries).

2.13 - Scamming Accusation
Accusations of "scamming" or other TOU/EULA violations that name specific Entropia Universe avatars or EntropiaForum members are NOT permitted. If you feel you have strong evidence that someone is violating the Entropia Universe EULA or otherwise engaging in underhanded activity, please submit a report using the official Entropia Universe or Planet Partnet support channels.

2.14 - Administrator/Moderator Criticism
Criticism of these forum rules, or Forum Staff implementation of these forum rules is NOT permitted in any publicly viewable area of the forum. Such content WILL BE DELETED without notice. If you disagree with how the forum is being moderated or administered, please consult the Contact Us link at the bottom of any forum page to contact the Forum Staff. If you are unclear about the purpose or interpretation of one of the forum rules, please use the EntropiaForum Rules Discussion thread.

2.15 - Word Filter Circumvention
Certain offensive words, terms or links are automatically filtered by the forum software. Such filtered words will be replaced with exclamation points (e.g. !!!!!!!). Any attempts to circumvent the automated forum word filter (such as by adding spaces/dots/punctuation, using colors or text markups, or by substituting characters) will result in the offending content being edited or deleted, and may result in a ban from the forum.


3.1 - Spamming/Flooding/Trolling
The following are NOT permitted on EntropiaForum:
  • Spamming - Posting the same thread in multiple forums, or posting the same post in multiple threads, or sending unsolicited private messages to members.
  • Flooding - Posting many times in succession in a single thread.
  • Trolling - Constant harrassment of a member, or repeated off-topic and/or rude posts in a thread.

Depending on severity, content in violation of this rule will be edited or deleted, and may result in a ban from the forum.

3.2 - Off Topic
Please make every effort to keep your posts relevant to the active thread topic. Detours usually take a thread wildly off topic, and invite others to do the same. Off topic posts (and any responses to such posts) may be deleted without notice.

3.3 - Thread Location
Please make an effort to post new threads in the appropriate forum or subforum. Posting threads in the proper section makes the forum easier to browse for all members and visitors, and reduces the workload for our volunteer moderators and administrators. If you are unsure where to post a new thread, please take the time to read the forum descriptions in order to familiarize yourself with the focus of the various available forums and subforums. Threads posted in an inappropriate forum will be moved without notice. Note that threads and posts made in the General Discussion forum do NOT earn any EFDs.

3.4 - Crossposting
You may NOT crosspost (creating redundant threads that link to or promote an existing thread for the purpose of gaining extra visibility). Such threads will be closed or deleted without notice.

3.5 - Necroposting
Pointlessly bumping of dormant, inactive threads causes confusion for other members and visitors who may not notice the original thread post date. A thread is considered inactive if there have been no replies in the last four (4) months. Posting in an inactive thread is strongly discouraged, unless there is a very good reason for reactivating the thread. If you feel an issue or topic from an inactive thread deserves renewed discussion, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum or subforum.

3.6 - Real-world Controversial Discussion
Discussion of real world politics, nationalism, religion, war, or other similarly controversial topics is NOT permitted or appropriate for this forum. EntropiaForum is a global community with players from many different countries around the world, so discussion of such topics often disrupts the forum community. Therefore, refrain from starting or participating in any such discussions, as they WILL BE DELETED from the forum.

3.7 - Other Computer Games
All discussion of games other than Entropia Universe should generally be conducted in the Other Games forum. Discussion of other games in Entropia Universe-related forums should remain on-topic, and be presented in a constructive context (i.e. suggesting a useful or exciting feature from another game that might be implemented in Entropia Universe). Threads or posts whose only purpose is to disparage Entropia Universe, MindArk or one of the Planet Partners are not permitted.

3.8 - Posting for Banned Members
Members are NOT permitted to post on behalf of any member permanently or temporarily banned from EntropiaForum. Similarly, members are NOT permitted to allow any banned member to use their EntropiaForum account to circumvent a ban (See Rule 1.3 above).

3.9 - Bumping of Threads
Bumping of threads is only permitted ONCE in any 24 hour period, and only if the thread has been pushed to the second page of a forum (using default viewing settings). This rule applies especially for the Trading forums. Bumping of threads by friends is NOT permitted at any time.

3.10 - Frivolous Posts
Please refrain from making pointless and unnecessary posts in threads, such as "First Post!!!" "In before the lock!" or "LOL!!" or other very short messages that add little to a discussion. Frivolous posts such as these will be deleted without notice.

3.11 - Quotes
Quoting very large posts in their entirety is NOT permitted. Please limit quotes of other posts to those portions that are directly relevant to your reply or response. Doing so makes replies easy to follow for fellow members, and helps reduce unnecessary scrolling when reading a thread.


4.1 - Third Party Images
All images embedded in threads, posts or blog entries MUST be uploaded to your personal member Album. In order to prevent broken links, the use of third-party image hosting sites is NOT permitted.

4.2 - Image Sizes
Any image embedded in a thread, post or blog entry that horizontally expands the forum tables or otherwise disrupts the website layout will be edited or deleted without notice. For large images that you wish to include in a post, please use the thumbnail display or direct link options.

4.3 - Objectional Image Content
Pornographic, sexually explicit or excessively violent imagery is NOT permitted anywhere on EntropiaForum. Obscene images, pornography, or offensive content related to gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and any other imagery or language that the Forum Staff deems inappropriate WILL BE DELETED without notice. This rule also applies to avatar, profile and signature images. In most cases, a member will be sent a private message requesting that the image in question be replaced, unless the material is extremely offensive, in which case it will be immediately removed without notice.

4.4 - Image Category
When uploading images to the forum gallery, please make an effort to place them in the most suitable gallery category. Doing so makes the gallery easier to browse for members. Images posted in improper categories may be moved without notice.

4.5 - Signature Limits
Text used in your signature may not be overly long, may not use characters larger than “SIZE=3” and may only contain five (5) lines of text. Please limit graphical signatures to 500x120 pixels. One 500x120 pixel image and one line of text is acceptable, but not an image along with a large amount of text. Please keep your signature as small as possible, since large signatures clutter the forum and cause unnecessary amounts of scrolling when reading threads. Note that signatures are only displayed in a member's first post of a thread page.


5.1 - Auction Competition
If an item is listed in the Entropia Universe auction system, you are NOT permitted to post a sales thread for the same item on EntropiaForum. The purpose of the EntropiaForum Trading section is to facilitate deals not easily accomplished using the existing mechanisms available within Entropia Universe. The EntropiaForum Trading section is NOT provided as a means to circumvent the fees associated with the Entropia Universe auction, nor to compete with the Entropia Universe auction in any way.

5.2 - Trading Thread Maintenance
It is the responsibility of every member to monitor their Trading forum threads, and to respond in a timely manner to other members who submit bids or offers (either within the thread, or via private message). Thread starters should also make a post in their Trading threads indicating if an item is sold or withdrawn, or an auction or sale is cancelled.

5.3 - Trading Procedures
Please try to make your Trading thread rules and procedures simple and clear. While EntropiaForum wishes to give its members flexibility in creating Trading threads, we reserve the right to close or delete any unnecessarily confusing or restrictive Trading threads, based on member feedback.

5.4 - Trading Execution
Any member who routinely fails to follow through on sales or purchases made in the Trading forum risks losing access to this portion of EntropiaForum. If you feel another member has acted unfairly in a Trading thread, or does not honor an agreement finalized in a Trading thread, please contact the Forum Staff explaining the issue, along with a link to the related Trading thread.

5.5 - Trading Thread Abuse
Off-topic posts made in Trading threads are NOT permitted. The only posts permitted in Trading threads are the following:
  • Bids
  • Offers
  • Requests to the thread starter for additional information directly related to item or service offered
  • Requests to the thread starter for additional information regarding the auction/bidding/offer procedure
  • Retraction of a Bid or Offer
  • Threadstarter reply to one of the above

Any posts that do not fit one of the above categories WILL BE DELETED. If you wish to discuss the market value of an item or service, please create a thread in one of the following forums: Items, Price Check or Entropia Economy, as appropriate. Any member found to frequently ignore or abuse this rule risks permanently losing all posting privileges in the Trading section.

5.6 - Misleading/Inaccurate Sales Threads
Information provided in Trading threads should be kept factual, verifiable and reasonable. This includes information regarding the statistics, qualities or characteristics of an item, past sales, and/or market history. The use of intentionally misleading information or highly debatable, exaggerated or inaccurate claims in Trading threads is NOT permitted, as such claims and comments invite off-topic discussion and violations of Rule 5.5.

5.7 - Trading Currencies
All prices must be expressed in PED (or EFD for EFD auctions). Sales threads or links with prices expressed in real-world currencies are NOT permitted, as this implies a transaction for cash outside of Entropia Universe approved channels, a violation of the EULA.

5.8 - Shops
Any thread relating to items available for purchase in a shop within Entropia Universe should be posted in the Shops subforum, NOT in the Selling subforum. Also, please create only ONE thread for your shop, NOT individual threads for each item available in your shop.


Publicly Viewable:
Forum threads, posts, member profiles, blogs, signatures, custom titles, reputation comments, thread tags, social group messages, calendar events and descriptions, public profile messages, EntropiaForum chatroom text, gallery images and comments, member album images and comments, or any other area with content viewable by other members or visitors.

Forum Staff:
The owners, operators, administrators and moderators of EntropiaForum.com.


While the above rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate all circumstances. Consequently, the Forum Staff reserves the right to take any actions deemed appropriate to uphold the Mission of EntropiaForum, to ensure that the forum is not disrupted or abused in any way, or to protect EntropiaForum Staff and members from fraud, harassment or abuse.

Please be aware that it is impossible for the Forum Staff to review all content posted on EntropiaForum. The Forum Staff does its best to keep discussions positive, on topic and polite, and to enforce the forum rules fairly and consistently. We encourage members to help us in this effort by making use of the Report Post tool (the red triangle located in the lower left corner of each post) whenever one feels a post is offensive, inappropriate or violates these rules. This will enter the offending post into the moderation queue, and will result in quicker attention from the Forum Staff. For other content that may be in violation of these forum rules or otherwise objectionable, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of any forum page to alert the Forum Staff.

The Forum Staff reserves the right to edit, delete, alter or remove any content that violates these forum rules or the EntropiaForum Terms of Service with or without notice. The Forum Staff also reserves the right to restrict the permissions or ability of any member to access any or all parts of EntropiaForum.com for violation of these forum rules or for any other reason.

The more general right to refuse access, ban a user, block an IP address, or otherwise restrict the functionality of EntropiaForum.com content or services in any way and for any reason is reserved by the EntropiaForum administrators.

Circumstances and situations may arise that periodically require a revision of these forum rules. As such, EntropiaForum administrators reserve the right to modify and/or expand the official rules of this forum at any time. We encourage you to periodically visit this page to advise yourself of the latest rules.

The Forum Staff shall be the sole and final arbitrators of what does or does not violate these rules and/or EntropiaForum community standards.

The decisions of the Forum Staff are final.

These forum rules are supplemental to the EntropiaForum.com Terms of Service Agreement. In any case of conflict or contradiction, the Terms of Service Agreement supersedes these forum rules.

EntropiaForum Forum Rules effective as of September 7, 2006.

EntropiaForum Forum Rules last modified on April 16, 2015.