Hello fellow Entropians,

I'm thrilled to introduce our new service today: Voice Communication Servers, paid in PEDs!

That's right, you can now rent a Voice Comms (VoIP for gaming) server and pay with PEDs! And at a ridiculously low price on top of that!

We believe this has many advantages. It allows you to have a Voice Comms server for your group or society without dealing with the hassle of online payments or even having to spend real money for it, while giving back to the EU community (read below for more details). It also allows us to offer very competitive prices, better than many of the offerings currently out there.

Pricing - Mumble Servers

We are still figuring out the exact business model and during the "beta" phase (expected to last between 2 and 6 weeks) prices are subject to change, as we determine the interest in such a service (supply & demand never lies ... right?) and we figure out the "real cost" of providing this service.

Here's what you can expect. All prices shown below include all fees, taxes, setup costs, etc. What you see here is what you pay, period. No hidden fees.


16 Slot Server (perfect for small societies, organized teams or group of friends)
40 PEDs/month or
12 PEDs/week

32 Slot Server (for more serious groups or medium societies)
70 PEDs/month or
20 PEDs/week

64 Slot Server (for bigger societies or organised groups)
120 PEDs/month or
36 PEDs/week

128 Slot Server (for serious societies)
200 PEDs/month or
60 PEDs/week

Feel free to shop around, we are confident that you won't find a much better deal anywhere, especially when you consider all the extra fees you need to pay when using a "real money" provider (taxes, setup fees, long-term commitments, exchange rate for foreign currencies, hard to split the cost within a group, etc).

There are a handful of providers that might end up being marginally cheaper than us, depending on the number of slots, but they achieve this by overextending their resources and are known to be fairly unreliable in terms of server availability, performance, uptime, quality, features, etc. Matching their prices would've forced us to compromise on quality more than we're comfortable with. Believe me, we tried. You also need to remember that these companies host a LOT of servers, and benefit from an economy of scale.


  • You OWN the server completely! Every server comes with full super admin powers and you are free to do whatever you want with it
  • Unlimited everything! Enjoy unlimited channels, sub-channels, voice quality, groups, etc
  • 100% Uptime SLA (once beta is over)
  • Hosted on top-quality hardware in a state-of-the-art datacenter
  • DDOS Protection
  • Free subdomain. We'll even help you setup your own if you have your own domain, so you don't have to remember an IP (also, it looks cool)

Why Mumble ?

We feel that Mumble, compared to other alternatives (Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Mohawk, etc) simply offers the best latency, performance, voice quality, features, game overlay and overall the best experience, especially for this game. We are considering adding support for other voice communication software in the future, too, if there is enough interest in them.

It seems to us that the second best option, after Mumble, would be Teamspeak 3. Unfortunately, hosting Teamspeak 3 servers requires a somewhat expensive license, which we think is kinda sad, since it would force us to charge substantially more for a service that is only marginally better (if at all). We also like to support open source projects, when possible.

If you are interested in this service, but would prefer something other than Mumble, please let us know by replying to this post with the software you would prefer. This will help us focus our efforts in the right direction.

How serious is this?

We are not college kids trying to make money to pay for booze. Our team is composed of mature (most of the time, anyway) adults with real jobs, mostly IT-related jobs, some of us with more than 10-15 years experience in computer systems administration and/or software development. We saw an opportunity to do something fun while helping the EU community and funding our EU adventures at the same time. We have no intention of "cashing out" or making real-life profit from this. All "profits" (and there aren't many at this price) will be reinvested in EU (and might end up right back in your pockets) and can only help the community and EU's economy grow stronger. We believe this is a great way to improve your gaming experience AND support EU at the same time, instead of paying for some server host owner’s next car.

What about the actual hardware and network ?

All servers are hosted in a state-of-the-art data center, on quality hardware, with redundant network & power. All servers are protected by a last generation, Cisco-powered anti-DDOS system. This is what allows us to offer a 100% uptime warranty. We do not compromise when it comes to quality, because we are gamers ourselves, we use our own service and we know how much shitty servers can suck and ruin the experience. All servers are monitored 24/7 and appropriate action will be taken if any servers are under-performing.

The servers are hosted in Eastern North America (NA East). Our network provider owns a private worldwide network of over 3 Tbps with over 13 POPs in America, 7 in Europe and 2 in Asia. This should provide a more-than-decent ping (for a voice server, anyway) wherever you are in the world. Other worldwide locations will be added if there is enough interest. Don't expect them before the end of the beta, though.

What's next and how to order

Hopefully you are as thrilled as we are about this. A website is in the works, which will be released in the next couple days, but we just couldn't wait until then to make the announcement. This will also help us quantify the amount of interest for such a service.

Meanwhile, if you want to know more or want to order your server, you can send me a PM here or catch me in-game, when I'm online. Servers will be put online in a matter of minutes or hours, depending on the time of the day and staff availability. Yes, we know you want your server right now, and we are also figuring out a way to do instant-setup (having to get in-game to accept payments is kind of a problem we haven't yet solved). We'd also like to get a feel for the kind of interest this service will generate before investing time in such things.

We'd also like to know what you think about this idea, good or bad, but please keep it nice and constructive!

Derrick "Misfit" Walker